Sunday, 29 December 2019

This has been a year.  I hope it’s been good for you.

I have been neglecting this blog, perhaps there will be more writing in 2020. I miss gathering my thoughts here.

I have a lot of new music that I’ve uploaded in the last few weeks for you to enjoy, but I wanted to give a boost to the album I put out earlier this year that I’m most proud of:  “…a trustable cloud” took a lot of work to make, and I think it turned out really well.  It was made entirely with musical instruments that you use on internet browsers by loading webpages.  It’s free to download, and there’s still tapes available:

There is a new album of live performances now available, titled “Two Electroacoustic Improvisations for Heather Heyer and Ghost Ship”, big crackling drone structures:

There is a re-release of my collab with PBK from 2009.  It was previously only available on a limited CDr from Poland, so this digital re-release may be the first time some of you hear it.  Splendid industrial-psychedelic noise-drone: 

I have done some archival work on the Drone Forest bandcamp page.  This was a group collective I was involved in from 2003-2008.  The page now includes some albums that are brand new, collecting previously unreleased material, and some things that were only released in extremely limited editions.

The first, “A Retrospective from a single vantage point” was a continuous mix of pieces from throughout our history.  It was made as an introductory gesture, featuring some of our more “pretty” / approachable music from our large and sometimes gritty / noisy catalog.

The next, “Sunshine and Butterflies” represents a selection of happy drones, selections from a 100-hour long project (most of which is now lost), and 15 one-minute-long pieces.

“snoodferret / stereofrond” features two amazing 45 minute collage pieces from Mike Bowman

And the grittier side of the band is represented on “Deteriorated Collection”

If that’s not enough, there are a few new Drone Forest music videos from tracks found on “Deteriorated Collection”  You can see those at my youtube channel:

Everything is free to access, download away.
Please have a happy New Year, and New Decade. 

C. Reider

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