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Jeph Jerman ¦|¦ 43'41" for Chris Reider

     A selection of drone recordings from Jeph Jerman. Listen.

     The first and third pieces here are recordings of a large gong play that I built out of an old home made saw horse. There are six wind gongs of various sizes, each with a small battery-powered fan mounted in front of it. Rubber bands have been affixed to each fan blade, which strike the gong repeatedly but quietly as the fan spins. Over time, with all six gongs being played, a series of overtones rise and fall creating pulses and sometimes short melodic fragments. For the third piece, the first recording was slowed down, to bring out and prolong the overtones.

     The second piece is a crude multi-track recording of a small psaltery that I found years ago, played with an e-bow. Each track, or tone, was recorded on a separate tape recorder and then all the tapes were played back while another tone was being played live on the psaltery. I manipulated the speeds of the various tapes, in an attempt to bring out more overtone interaction. What you hear is a combination of pitch interactions and analog distortion.

     There's a short video of an earlier version of the gong play here:

Artist website: http://soundcloud.com/jeph-jerman

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released June 2012

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