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About Vuzh Music
Vuzh Music (Vuzh is pronounced to rhyme with "rouge") began operation in 1990 as a means of distributing my own musical works to the worldwide hometaping network. I'm c. reider, nice to meet you!

Vuzh Music's present mission is divided into three:
  • To serve as a hub for projects by C. Reider, new and old. This is served both by releasing new music, and linking to releases on other netlabels on the front page, as well as linking to other internet-based projects I've undertaken.
  • To re-release select work from the cassette underground, originally released on tape during the 80s & 90s.
  • To release new music made by friends and colleagues, those whose music I have admired and invited to release on this label.
Vuzh Music is proud to be a netlabel using the Creative Commons license. The primary license covering the music released here is CC BY NC SA, (although other licenses are used on some individual releases.) The CC BY NC SA license is a contract between the author and user of the work, wherein the user is free to share the work with anyone by copying, distributing or transmitting, and is free to adapt or remix the work as long as the following conditions are met: The work must be attributed (or credited) to the author, the work must not be used for commercial purposes, and the resulting work (in the case of remix / adaptation) should use a similar CC license.

Most of the releases on Vuzh Music are free to download or stream, although we do have a few items for sale. I do not ask for financial compensation for the free music, but if you feel it is something you would like to do, there is a PayPal button below you can use for a "show of support" donation. Note that if you want to make a similar donation to one of the artists other than C. Reider that have been released here, arrangements should be made directly with them.

By far a more preferred method of support would be to get in contact and express your opinions about the work presented here, (critical opinions also welcome, but please be polite.) You can use the 'contact' link at the top of this page. Another way would be to recommend the music to friends, directly or in public through social media. Most of us working with music really want people to listen to what we're doing, helping further that goal is the best way to show support!

The best way to stay informed about news from Vuzh Music is to subscribe to an RSS feed of the news page of the Vuzh Music Blog. You can use the RSS subscription service of your choice, the News RSS link is here:

Demo Policy

The main mission of Vuzh Music with regards to music by other composers, as outlined above, is to release music by invitation. That said, I am not averse to submissions by artists I haven't invited or do not know. Anyone wishing to submit something for consideration should be aware that unsolicited submissions are considered with a critical ear, and are infrequently accepted for release.

Aesthetic Requirements:
Vuzh Music won't consider music that is easily described as "ambient" or music that is "techno" / beat-oriented, or overly melodic (what most people would term "musical"). There are plenty of other labels for that kind of music. This label is focussed on music with interesting experimental approaches, usually with elements of noise and drone, and very little melody. I am of the opinion that albums of experimental music should be over twenty minutes in length and under forty-five minutes, this opinion will be a part of my aesthetic appraisal of anything submitted.

Technical Requirements:
Demos should be uploaded to a file service or server, and not attached to an email. They should be enclosed in a .zip file or a .rar file, not submitted as links to individual tracks. Only full albums will be considered, I won't even listen if you send just an extract / sample / single track. Artist is expected to provide imagery for any potential release, although this can come after. The imagery will also be subjected to aesthetic scrutiny, and may be critiqued, or even rejected by the label. Artists will be expected to choose a Creative Commons license to cover their music, this should be done prior to submitting work. It is very strongly encouraged to choose a license allowing for derivative work, such as CC BY, CC BY SA or CC BY NC SA, this means anyone would be able to sample your work or remix it without getting prior approval from you. I do think it is up to the artist to choose this, and I am not dogmatic about this point, but I do feel strongly that this kind of open-ness should be encouraged. The artist will be asked to submit some sort of statement explaining the methodology or intent of the work, as well as provide some biographical information / link to outside web resources about the artist.

If you wish to submit a demo in compliance with the criteria above, use the 'contact' link at the top or bottom of this page to email me. If you don't feel your work can comply with these terms, perhaps another netlabel would suit you better, the Acts of Silence blog has a list of over 500 netlabels to choose from.

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