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Photo by C. Hodges

       C. Reider lives in Northern Colorado, in the United States.

         --- Listener
         --- Composer. Working in non-genre-specific musical areas including abstract electronic, electro-acoustic, process music, drone / noise, minimalist-psychedelic electronic music, and field recording
         --- Netlabel archivist. Collections include Vuzh Music netlabel, Derivative Netlabel, Dystimbria netlabel (housed on Internet Archive: 1, 2, 3, 4), and the internet sound archives for Drone Forest and Sound Through Barriers.
         --- Active networker. Finding community with other people making and distributing their music for free with Creative Commons licensing.

       A major project for 2011-2012 was the curation of an exhibition of sound art titled Sound Through Barriers, which exhibited the work of 15 international sound artists in Fort Collins, Colorado, as well as two performances of experimental music by Cheryl Leonard and Jeph Jerman. The exhibition documentation is archived at SoundThroughBarriers.com (external link).

     - On Listening Through Barriers (The curatorial note from the Sound Through Barriers exhibition)
     - Fear of Silence
     - AUTOreverse Interviews C. Reider, July 14, 2011 (external link)
     - Ignorability and Inclusiveness
     - Reduction
     - You Are Your Own Archive
     - C. Reider interviews PBK (external link)
     - Response to Silent World of Netlabels
     - Hearing Without Sound

Podcast appearances
       Music Manumit Podcast, May 26, 2013 (external link).
       Music Manumit Podcast, June 22, 2014 (external link).
       Graham Wafercast Episode 7, October 2013 (external link).

Additional Information
       Participated as a member in musical projects Drone Forest (external link), Luster and Crook'd Finger, as well as some anonymous contributions to other projects.
       "Systems Aesthetics in Contemporary Sound Art: Two Netlabels" by Daniel Barbiero in Percorsi Musicali (LINK) discusses process music made by C. Reider and other colleagues, many of whom have releases on Vuzh Music.
       A short conversation with Daniel Barbiero was published at Perfect Sound Forever. A Conversation about Process, Being with Sound, and the Pleasure of Surprise

                  Twitter @vuzhmusic


with Drone Forest (Bolded/Linked items were composed by CR)
  • Drone Forest
  • Drone Forest II
  • our ghost in her wood (composed / assembled & recorded by C. Reider) 2003
  • June 21, 2003
  • zoso
  • airways nova teeth
  • remixes volume I
  • META:drone
  • Drone Forest IV
  • remixes volume II
  • Kirchenkampf vs. Drone Forest
  • biolegacy
  • point (composed / assembled & recorded by C. Reider) 2005
  • honey
  • wormwood (composed / assembled & recorded by C. Reider) 2006
  • spatial displacement
  • Amy's Arms / metacollage (composed / assembled & recorded by C. Reider) 2007 Ltd. to 219 12" Vinyl
  • Forester 2007
  • distinguish 2007
  • Point - Less (composed / assembled by C. Reider) 2018
Other Collaborative Work compilations (eesh, to the best of my memory!) Editing / mastering credit
  • Harlan - Collective Sounds (editing & mastering) (Vuzh Music)
  • El Tafkeera: Re-Mixs in Remembrance of Muslimgauze (curation of the project, track-sequencing, mastering, cover art) 2002
  • Apollon - Nox (mastering) (Vuzh Music) 2003

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