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The More Unknown C. Reider
20 Years of Strange Sounds
Reworked by the Netlabel Underground

     So there was this written review of my music that I saw not terribly long ago that made me laugh, I've never forgotten it. It was a review of something I did along with a few other underground musicians, and after mentioning the other composers the review said "...and the more unknown C. Reider." I thought it was hilarious that even compared to extremely obscure musical underground composers, I was yet further unknown than any of them... desperately, grindingly, pathetically unknown, they'll have to build a multi-billion dollar particle smasher to find out if I even exist, that's how unknown I am. I've long said obscurity is a virtue, but give me a break!

     Alas, some years have past and I've proven this review wrong, I'm now discussed at the water cooler and in the tabloids ... worldwide youth weep and orgasm when they gaze upon my face. That reviewer is eating his words as we speak, begging to be touched by my blessed superstar hand.

     In celebration of twenty years of laboring in total obscurity, making oddball sound experiments and sharing them with whomever would listen, I have asked my comrades in the netlabel underground -- many new acquaintances and some folks I've known since the hometaping days -- to use anything I'd ever recorded and rework the sounds into their own compositions. I'm very proud to release this three hour collection of drones, beats and experiments for free. There's some astoundingly good work to be found here, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

     I should note that the fun doesn't have to stop here, The Creative Commons license used in my work states that as long as there's credit given, and as long as the music isn't used for commercial purposes, anyone is free to enjoy and use it anyway they wish.

     Huge thanks to all of the musicians who contributed to this project! Please click on the artist names below to see more information about each one.

All photography done by Carrie
All artwork done by Michael James Bowman, VIEW THIS: GALLERY MJB.

Here --> is the original call-for-submissions on the Vuzh Music Blog.

Download all tracks and cover art below.
Release date March 2011. vuzh028

     This is a free-to-download release.
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