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Crook'd Finger
vs. Harlan
vs. D.Rhythm:O

      This was the second release from Crook'd Finger, originally released in extremely limited quantities on cassette in 2000, now remastered and available for free download.

      Showdown, ten paces at dawn... The Finger gets out his remixing guns, following up the 2009 remastered release of the debut AFT EP with remixes of two underground artists, one per each side of a cassette... or now: two conjoined mini albums.
     Percussionist Harlan gets reworked on "side one" and German industrialists D.Rhythm:O (now more popularly known as Dronaement) on the flip side.
If you like this release I definitely recommend the first Crook'd Finger release AFT, and you may also want to check out our re-edited/mastered version of Harlan's Collective Sounds.


      Download all tracks and cover art below. Release date 2011. vuzh015

     This is a free-to-download release. You may make a contribution to help keep this site available and to show your support:

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(320k VBR 130MB)

This is a free release
Samples in order of appearance: Radio DJ 1470 AM KEZZ (r.i.p.), Doris Day, Violence, God knows what-all from the radio, Artie Shaw Orchestra, Panchito Riset, Kraftwerk, Tricky, Panama Francis and his Exploding Drums. ***
Source materials by Harlan (tracks 1-5) & Marcus Obst / Das Rhythmische Ornament / Dronaement / D.Rhythm:O (tracks 5-9). Additional samples, guitar, crash cymbal, DR-202 & TR-606 programming by C. Reider.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.

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