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Crook'd Finger
- Aft

     1999, it's a good year... Yes, let's hear it now for good old ninety nine... We hadn't yet lived through the horror of George W. Bush's Presidency, the biggest worry of the time was the so-called "millenium bug". I worked with a guy who was absolutely, 100 percent convinced that the world was going to end on January 1, 2000. For my part, I put on a silly superhero costume and became Crook'd Finger, armed with a magical drum machine and some unlikely samples, I unleashed upon the world a few rather funky and cool recordings, which have stewed in obscurity for the better part of a decade.

      This was the first release from Crook'd Finger, originally recorded in '99 and released in miniscule quantities on cassette and CDr in 2000 as a split with FZZY PMPR's "fdgy btns". Clearly this was meant to be something completely different from everything else I'd recorded! Instead of heady experimentalism, here we have some butt-wiggling pop-techno. Even in the worn-down tail end of the Zeroes this stuff raises my spirits! Let no one claim that Vuzh Music does not groove!

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(320k VBR 68.6MB)

This is a free release
facts: Crook'd Finger cannot dance, and knows not a damned thing about technology, nor electricity. Crook'd Finger lived in an apartment. "X-Ray Eyes" might have once been played by the Pete & the Batboys. "Yoras" could conceivably be called "THRTNTH". "YCD" was originally played by C. Reider on abandon. Belabored recording of these toons began in January 1999 and ended in August 1999 at Studio Vuzh, located at Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park in lovely Estes Park, CO.

Sampled: Bow-haus, Yes (NoMaybe), Gertrude Behanna, Denny Mclain (at the organ), unknown evangelist, Univers Zero, Harold Budd (DUBb), The Implicit Order, unknown TV voices (supplied by Anthony Washburn), Kate Smith, the god fearing flock of aforementioned unknown evangelist.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.

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