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Harlan - Collective Sounds


   Vuzh Music is proud to present the newest release in the Vuzh Underground Editions, re-releasing new editions of classic rare recordings from the worldwide hometaper network.

   Harlan is a longtime music underground networker, who put out quite a few tapes over the years, each one unpredictable, musically diverse and bursting with a bombastic living energy.

   "Collective Sounds" was originally released in 1996, a 90 minute cassette distributed among tape traders in very small amounts. The V.U.E. re-release CDr of "Collective Sounds" is a new 60 minute edit of this classic cassette. The music swings wildly back and forth between lo-fi hip-hop beats, 900 mile an hour grinding sludge metal and weirdly bumbling improvised band jams. Harlan's speadfreak-furious, pie-tin clanking drums pull off some amazing fills and seriously head-nodding beats, no matter what style he's playing. This record is definitely for the drum fetishist in your life. All of the music is mixed up in a frantic, dada-ist collage of quick-edits -- one minute the sludgy chugging of a distorto detuned guitar, the next minute you're thrown into a large hip-hop beat, then suddenly you're spinning in a confusing maelstrom of snippets of this, that and the other, all juxtaposed with absurdly hilarious samples of Southern preachers, Dr. Laura, some really mawkish, dated-sounding songs, an old lady on a call in talk show saying "Hitler was mean, I guess..."

An unforgettable collage of groovy racket.


(320kbps VBR mp3, with cover art, 131.5 MB)

       My man Harlan Lyman is one crooked mule. This exhausting 90 minute recording, originally released on cassette, is a breathless collection of mini-jams from this frenzied loon. Thick and furious meth-induced pie-tin clank of his drum playing with absurd samples and damaged distorto-guitar chugging alongside. The ideas are nonstop, as soon as the groove is documented on tape, quickedit to the next one. The pacing is Lumpy Gravy-esque, a musical passage plays partway until it is rather suddenly interrupted by another musical passage, or snurking noise or rambling random voice clip. Lots of talk radio samples here. The playing style is loose and easy, often sketchy... but that's part of the charm. Heavy, energetic, funky, quirky and good.
     -- Autoreverse

Harlan may also be heard on Crook'd Finger vs. Harlan / Crook'd Finger vs. D.Rhythm:O

Be sure to check out Harlan's artist page on the Vuzh Music website for more information.

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