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c. reider - some things i did when i lost my mind

     Towards the beginning of the year 2001 I was suffering in the depths of the longest, worst depression of my life. This depression had become indescribably severe, my life had completely crumbled. Things got so bad that what I'd now call 'reality' began to kinda slip. Severe depression with psychotic features, I guess you'd call it.

     These recordings represent what I thought sounded right while I was waiting out the bio-chemical storm. They are queezy, non-melodic drone-loops with glitching electronic buzzes, murmers and crackles at the foreground. very zoned-out, yet difficult experimental, electronic-abstract sound works intersecting noise and ambient. Unsettling atmospheres, surreal electronic crackle, flitting shadows of voices. A difficult suite of music from a disturbed state of mind.


320kbps VBR w/ cover art 155 MB

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.

Review by Godsend On-Line
c. reider - "Some Things I Did When I Lost My Mind" CDR- A new collection of instrumental and experimental soundscrapes (yes, you read that correctly) from this Colorado-based writer/musician. 'Some Things I Did...' begins on a relatively harsh note and continues much in that fashion, carving out it's own language of dense, claustrophobic electronic passages and deeply mysterious textures. Distant rhythms and playful, almost innocent patterns emerge from the seeming chaos, only to be swallowed up by larger, more sinister demons (the kind that inhabit the farthest reaches of consciousness). This is the soundtrack to a perfectly surreal nightmare, where nothing is as it seems and walls evaporate into viscous plumes of toxic fumes. reider's ever-evolving walls of post-industrial sounds are abstracted and fogged, yet they never get tedious or monotonous. He has a keen ear for creating cinematic moods and hallucinogenic collisions of sound. Fine work here.

Review by Drone Records (who also distribute this CD in Europe)
C. REIDER Some things I did when I lost my mind CD-R - Der Titel ist durchaus ernstzunehmen: Ein sehr authentisches experimentell-atmosphärisches Album von C. REIDER aus Colorado, aufgenommen in einer depressiv-psychotischen Phase, wo sich die Wahrnehmung seiner Aussenwelt radikal veränderte... aus dieser Zeit stammen die hier dokumentierten Aufnahmen aus knarzigen Drones, fremdartigen Stimmensamples, ständig steigen störende SoundEffekte an die Oberfläche, eine fremd-organische Bedrohung ist direkt spürbar in dieser Musik... ein surrealistisch-klaustrophobischer Trip !

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