2018 Releases

Saturday, 29 December 2018

So, I wasn’t very good about updating this blog when I had an album release this year. Sorry about that, heh heh.

Here is a catch-all post to announce each of my releases for 2018.

In January, Dubbed Tapes put out a split release with myself and Kirsty Porter. At the time of this writing there are still 4 copies available. I really like the piece I did for the tape, it’s titled “The Science of Inattention”, it features some experiments with sine waves and some field recordings all collaged together.

Next up, in April, there was a release called Pairs of Opposites Imply Unity containing recordings of two live performances from 2017. It’s some very intense electronic drone music. There was also a tape release of this one on Illuminated Paths.

In May, I released a compilation of some early, mostly unreleased music, mostly from my 4-track days. It was the second volume of early music, titled Young Music, vol 2.

In July, I released an album of lo-fi psychedelic minimalism called Sun Kinks that I had finished several years earlier and submitted to several different labels for release, unsuccessfully. People seemed to like it, though, which made me happy.

Finally, in October, I released Disappointment Engine, a collection of new work from late 2017 & early 2018 that’s insistent, minimalist, psychedelic synth music.

Thanks to anyone who listened to what I did this year!

hearing without sound

Sunday, 11 March 2018

I remember being astounded when I heard as a young person that Beethoven was able to continue composing after he’d lost his hearing. That he was described to be acting as though he could “hear” the music. That doesn’t astound me anymore.
When I am dreaming there is music. It is loud, and everywhere at once, and unlike any music I’ve ever heard, it is an essential part of the dream. When I’m dreaming, my ears are “turned off”, the sounds that occur in physical space – as sound is mostly thought to operate – are not listened to, are not heard.
When I wake up, my ears “turn on” and I can suddenly hear the ambient sounds in my bedroom again. I splash into hearing, I feel like I’ve dropped into a pool filled with sound. I feel the sound similar to suddenly being wet all over.
There are different kinds of hearing. That kind that comes through your ears and is interpreted by your brain. That part of the brain is connected to parts that store memory, and therefore sound can be recalled without actually hearing it with your ears. That’s a different kind of hearing. I can hear the voices of people I know in my head.
Why didn’t I ever record my Grandparents speaking? They had such unique voices.
There’s a place in my mind where music is. I can imagine it, disc-like, branching outward, capable of vastly changing its size and shape.
Do you ever try to make a map of your mind? How do you find your way around in there?
The place where sound and memory connect in my brain, it delivers non-stop earworms. I used to be plagued with them. I accept it now, it’s necessary. I used to hear music that I did not want to hear, some pop song I recognize but do not like: my brain would play back a loop of it for days. Now it plays its own music. I guess it’s my music. It’s music I don’t recognize, there it is… I can hear it now. It’s just there, twisting and squirming and changing all the time. It’s not as loud when I am awake as it is when I am asleep and dreaming, but I can hear it.
I can understand people claiming that music comes from some other place, or is given to us by some spiritual being. I don’t believe that, not even a little bit. But I can understand people interpreting it that way.
Sometimes when I hear a piece of music – like Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew, or Autechre’s Oversteps – I think to myself that this composer has gotten very close, very “close to it”. I don’t know what “it” is, but I know that certain pieces of music are closer to “it” than others.
Sometimes I listen to my own music from long ago and realize that I was close to “it” back then. I sometimes I doubt myself, and think that music before I had certain epiphanies was lesser than the music I make now. It turns out that maybe my understanding of what I do doesn’t track directly with the work. That’s a disconcerting thought.
If there’s a way to develop this musical part of my brain that constantly sprays out music that I’ve never heard before, music that only I can hear now, that no one will ever hear unless I do the work and make it into music that others can hear… then I must devote myself to building up that part of my brain. Building it up like a bodybuilder working a muscle group.

Notable Free to Download Music of 2017

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Welcome to this year’s list of Netlabel Music that I liked. Everything here is free to download, even if not necessarily released on a netlabel as such. To me, netlabeling involves releasing music online for free (or pay what you want)… preferably (though not necessarily) with a CC license…

My reason for doing these lists is so that people will discover music that I think deserves to be discovered. Please share this list with anyone you know who may take an interest!

Last year, it was too-huge of an undertaking to review every release I recommended, and I have no idea if anyone even read all of it, so I’m not gonna do that this year.

Instead I’m dividing this post into THREE SECTIONS.

1.) In the first, I’m going to simply list the freely downloadable releases of my own. I’m pretty proud of what I did this year, and these albums probably won’t appear on too many other end-of-year lists. If you were to take the time to listen to one or two, I’d be appreciative.

2.) Twenty of my fave freely downloadable releases from 2017. I wrote some extremely minimal descriptions for the 18 releases that especially stood out for me this year. If you’re not gonna spend the time downloading everything on this blog post, these ones are the ones that I think were most worth hearing.

3.) Fifty-eight other worthy additions to your downloadable music portfolio from 2017. These are also albums I enjoyed enough to recommend, but I don’t want to write little descriptions for each one, so…

I’d be pleased if you used my recommendations to discover some new music. Download some of these! Net neutrality is dead, streaming is going to be way more expensive soon. Download this stuff now while you’ve got the chance!
I’ve done lists like this for several years, here are previous years’ lists:
2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 part 1, 2016 part 2, 2016 part 3, 2016 part 4, 2016 part 5.
1.) Everything of mine that was released in 2017

C. Reider – Anent
Self released, cc by nc sa

C. Reider – Chew Cinders
Midnight Circles, cc by nc sa

C. Reider – Listening After the End
Reno Park Press (cassette) / Self released (digital), cc by nc sa

C. Reider – Music for the Anthropocene
Self released, cc by nc sa

C. Reider – Young Music vol. 1, 1988-1997
Self released, cc by nc sa

Alright, thanks for indulging me.

2.) Twenty of my favorite freely downloadable releases from 2017


Edward Ka-Spel – An Abandoned Laboratory Volume 2
Self released, copyright

The venerable Ed Ka-Spel is still at the top of his game when it comes to making unsettling, decayed, melancholy, psychedelic, quasi-ambient dreamscapes.

Eucci – Burlington Route Everywhere West
Self released, cc by nc sa


Hantasi – Castle
Bedlam Tapes, copyright

Heavily cannabinated chill-out music. Hazy drum beats buried in flanger, granulated melodies and tinkling arpeggiated synths. Echoing outward.

Marlo Eggplant – Delayed
Corpus Callosum Distro, cc by nc nd

Another batch of delightful lo-fi clatter. Just as likely at any given moment to sound like a polite table tennis match as like the collapse of a city under the feet of some strange angry god-monster.

Reid Karris – Divinatio Exitium
Lurker Bias, copyright

An arresting granulated mayhem of skritches and clangs.

Endless Chasm – Dweller on the Threshold
This Ain’t Heaven Recording Concern, copyright

Twin Peaks themed drone music.

Luis Marte – The Easy Fantasy
Plus Timbre, cc by nc nd

Drones and sparse repetitive beats that jut back and forth between dispassionate technoid pitter-patter and meandering mechanical sounds, reminiscent of when computers had to click and whirr and “think” for a while before answering a query.

Elsa Bergman + Óscar Santis – Errante
Pueblo Nuevo, cc by nc sa

I dig Santis’ brand of bassy noise brap, which at times overwhelms his collaborator’s contrabass scraping. Mostly the improvs work, altogether a satisfying album.

Benge – Forms 6, Works on Paper
Self released, copyright

Hot minimalist stuff made on a Serge modular.

Nacho Jaula – Hombre, Tierra, Madriguera
Plus Timbre, cc by nc nd

Nicely composed batch of distorted noise, percussion and drone that adds up to a calming, engaging listen.

The Implicit Order – I Hear a Voice in the Room Next to Mine
Self released, licenses vary per track

Rescued from a box of lost tapes, this earlier work from I.O. contains lo-fi loops of appropriated material chosen carefully to set up a slowly churning sense of dreamy dread. A good reminder of why I liked Anthony’s work so much back then. He deserves mention in the history of hauntological and appropriation-based musics. It’d be fun to see an Implicit Order release on one of the vaporwave labels someday, there is a relation.

Hope / Collins – Impedance
Attenuation Circuit, cc by

Heavy minimalist beat music, informed by Pan Sonic and others. Steps removed from the Basic Channel school, but somehow tenuously related. I guess one of these two guys used to be in Clock DVA.

Ian Watson & Rob Hayler – Metronome
Invisible City Records, copyright

Watson recently posted a short video on his Twitter account @uhohwatson which showed a collection of metronomes set up to strike various cymbals & metal bowls. I asked him about that in relation to this album, and he says that he and Hayler used a different set-up here, but it’s related. It sounds to me like various metallic objects being struck, and then the recording slowed down and processed such that it ends up sounding like the dusty exhalation of a forgotten industrial ventilation system.

S Hamann – Music for Day Cycle
Self released, cc by nc

High caliber Modernist electronic drone music, thematically tuned to the times of day; morning, afternoon, evening, etc. Manages to be both pretty serious and seriously pretty.

Daniel Saylor – Spring Rain
Bedlam Tapes, copyright

Dang. If Dan Saylor didn’t throw everything but the kitchen sink at this record, they came close to it!

Antoni Robert – Tape Noise Groove
Hazard Records, cc 0

Tape hiss and run-out grooves run through DSP. Like, yeah!

Empty Helix – Transmissions from the Void
Self released, cc by nc sa

Suspended atmospheric drones made with violin and electronic processing.

Pacific Sunlight – Vanishing
Andtime, copyright

Melancholy lo-fi keyboard drone shoegaze. It is narcotic as fuck.

.mp3Neptune – A World in Your Eyes
Self released, copyright

A drone-ambient album with a slow-flowing structure. Pretty and appealing.

Achnn – Zgomot
Self released, cc by nc nd

Dusty percussives and scraping whirrs with electronic bbbzzzrrrts. And stuff.

Fifty-eight other worthy additions to your downloadable music portfolio from 2017.

Stefan Neville / The Doll – 1974
Self released, copyright

Various Artists – A.I.R. Tapes 1, Excavations Series 5
Power Moves Library, copyright

Impotent Shota Complex – Adored
Andtime, copyright

Cinchel – all we had were scraps to keep us fed
Self released, cc by nc sa

Margolis / Hamilton / Rowden – at Rhizome 2017-05-03
Rhizome DC, no license listed

Mathieu Lamontagne & Emmanuel Toledo – Au Calme
Self released, cc by nc nd

Juice Machine – Baked Not Fried
Self Released, copyright

Brice Catherin and Jacques Demierre – Bimo
Pan y Rosas Discos, cc by nc nd

Eucci – the Calm Left Center of Resistance
Self released, cc by nc sa

Pie Are Squared – co(a)sts ep
Self released, copyright

Thomas nmi Poole – Complicity with Anonymous Materials
Self released, copyright

D$ – Downtown
Self released, cc by nc sa

The Casual Distractions – Droney Islands
Self released, copyright

Darksleep – 8 Dreams
Self released, copyright

Carya Amara – Echoes
Self released, copyright

Gregg Skloff – Fabled Quiddity
Self released, cc by nc sa

Jorgen Bronlund Quartet – From A Logical Point Of View
Sucu Music, cc by nc sa

Thuoom – Fokus
Textural Healing, cc by nc nd

Pablo Ribot – Gamma Morph
Plus Timbre, cc by nc nd

August Stars – The Grey Towers
Self released, cc by nc

Glaciære – Hammock
Self released, cc by

Various – The Illest Female Rappers Volume 2
Unknown, no license listed

James O’ Sullivan – Il y a
Linear Obsessional, cc by nc sa

Jimmy Kipple Sound – Information & Apologies
Self released, cc by

Phirnis / Katarrhaktes – Labyrinths
Self released, copyright

August Stars – Landscapes
Self released, cc by nc

Toaster – Lawyer EP
Self released, cc by nc sa

Smellycaт – Let’s pretend we never met
Self released, copyright

Juice Machine with AODL – Lost Creek
Forever Escaping Boredom, copyright

Sergey Vandyshev & Denis Sorokin – Lullabies for Monstrous Moonshine
Linear Obsessional, cc by nc sa

Luer – Manual Contact Points
Fluxus Montana, copyright

Dubbed Tapes – Māpura Music
Dubbed Tapes, copyright

Nula.cc – Midnight Sun
Self released, cc by nc sa

Andrew Sprrw – Music Book
Kahvi Collective, cc by nc nd

Cinchel – Music for a Wedding
Self released, cc by nc sa

rr.gross – My Generations
Self released, cc by nc sa

fezayafirar – nfo
Attenuation Circuit, cc by

Eeem [eim] – Nocturnus Musica
Self released, cc by

Martin Rach – Nursing Room Sessions
Self released, cc by nc sa

Martin Rach – Pentacycloops
Self released, cc by nc sa

Eeem [eim] – Perturbed Trajectories
Self released, cc by

La Corporación – Rerum Novarum
Pan y Rosas Discos, cc by nc nd

The Implicit Order – Rose Clouds of Summer
Self released, cc by sa

Sébastien Wright – Sahara Red
Self released, cc by nc

Luís Antero – Sound Places: Serra do Açor, Vol. 1
Plus Timbre, cc by nc nd

Pftjschute – Spatium, Inanitas
Self released, copyright

Adrià Bofarull – Speculative Rites
Plus Timbre, cc by nc nd

Red Kite – Sunburst 2006-2012
Pan y Rosas Discos, cc by nc nd

Talugung / _blank – Talugung / _blank
Power Moves Library, copyright

Cinchel – Temporary Radiance
Self released, cc by nc sa

Alejandro Rojas-Marcos, David Area & Tomás Gris – Trails
Plus Timbre, cc by nc nd

Doug Seidel – two dimensional version of a four dimensional glance
Self released, cc by nc

Klimperei (Ch. Petchanatz) except when noticed – UnicaS, sounds & outtakes
Self released, copyright

Various Artists – Watching a Cow and Swatting at Silk Pushers, Excavation Series 4
Power Moves Library, copyright

Glaciære – Water Slide
Self released, cc by

Eeem [eim] – A Wide Continuous Area of Something
Self released, cc by nc sa

Cinchel – ztrácím čas
Self released, cc by nc sa

ねじれたスーパーグラフィックス – オーソ
Vacuum Noise Records, copyright

Listening After the End

Monday, 28 August 2017

I have a new release to announce. It is the result of a major project undertaken this past Winter / Spring.

In Summer 2016, my friend Denver-based writer and musician Cody Yantis prompted me to do an album of all acoustic sources. Over the next many months I recorded many hours worth of improvisations with non-electric musical instruments and oddsorts, and collected field recordings. These were arranged, and multi-tracked with no processing other than EQ and compression.

I’m quite proud of how this came out, it really feels like a marker of that time in my life.

This new pro-dubbed cassette, dubbed in an edition of 50 on chrome tapes is available to purchase on Reno Park Press:

The label describes it like this:

“Listening After the End is a study of one’s immediate environment, of the resonant potential of what surrounds us. A frozen stream. A passing train. A ceiling fan. The wind. A cat plays; someone sneezes; an autoharp lets out a long hum. These vignettes–textural, spacious, and sonorous–are wonderfully evocative pieces that, when taken as a whole, form a vibrant sonic life, one that revels in the animus to be found in even the subtlest of things.”

If you are unable to purchase the new cassette due to lack of funds, or perhaps you don’t have the means to play tapes, well worry not. There is also a free-to-download version that you can find right here:


Each comes with a diary-like text describing what it was like to record each section of sound that you can hear on the album.

Thank you for your attention.

Eclipse Sound

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

The total solar eclipse was easily the most spectacular, astounding thing I have ever seen.

Totality was so searingly beautiful it seems like it should have made a sound. A chirping, sizzling, Earth-shaking blast-buzz. A massed chorus of uncountable drifting frequencies, the most exhilarating avant-garde shit you’ve never heard.

… so anyways, here’s what the eclipse actually sounded like for us:

A few minutes before, during and after the total solar eclipse, recorded at Camp Wyoba on Casper Mountain, outside of Casper, Wyoming.
We had an entire mountain meadow almost entirely to ourselves, most of the people in camp were gathered together in a larger meadow about a quarter mile away, but it’s mostly their sound you can hear. I don’t need to point out when totality begins and ends in the recording, because it’s really obvious.

Present in our group were Carrie Hodges, her brother Alec, and myself (C. Reider).

The photo was taken by Carrie Hodges.

“I’m just imagining this wave of screams passing across the entire United States”

(tangent: http://www.republicworld.com/s/5393/what-does-an-eclipse-sound-like-some-scientists-have-tried-to-find-out)

Upcoming show, August 12, Denver

Monday, 7 August 2017

I’m pleased to be performing on a fantastic bill of music by several of my friends & respected colleagues this coming Saturday. I’ll be playing alongside Offthesky + Radere, Stephen Karnes + Cody Yantis and the touring folk-dronester Andrew Weathers. Pretty unmissable lineup, if you ask me.

The show will also be an informal release party for my brand new cassette release “Listening After the End”, out on Cody Yantis’ superb Reno Park Press.

CELE pt. ZONE Full Spectrum Showcase
Saturday, August 12th @ 8pm
Bar Max
2412 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80206
For more info, ticketing and/or to RSVP click the link:

Young Music, Vol. 1

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Beginnings are a bit arbitrary, for some reason I set my year one of music making as 1991, even though I have recordings going back well into the 1980s.
Thinking back that 2016 was the 25th anniversary of that arbitrary date, it occurred to me to package up some of my early work that was currently unavailable. There are three volumes of this now planned.

Here is the first volume:

Young Music, Vol. 1

This first volume of collected early works spans the years 1988 to 1997, from when I was sixteen to twenty-six years old. It spans a period of time when I used many different ways to record music: first by borrowing equipment from friends, or by layering sounds by bouncing from one tape player to another – to a Fostex 4-track recorder – to an early hard-disk recorder, the Roland VS-880 – before I finally started doing work on computer (none of which you’ll hear on volume I, but there’s a smidge of it on volume II). Herein I explore a lot of areas of interest that I no longer find interesting, so there may be some novelty at that material, but there’s a surprisingly cogent expression of ideas I still use today on some material. This was a time when I had very little clarity on what I actually wanted to explore in music, and correspondingly, a lot of the stuff now is a little embarrassing to one degree or another. I can look past it because I know that I was really into what I was doing then, and I can hear myself fumbling awkwardly toward some of the things I’m doing now. Maybe in another twenty years I’ll look back on my current stuff with some embarrassment, who knows? Most of the tracks on Young Music vol. 1 feature the guitar, an instrument I relied on during my early years, but have since all but abandoned. All of this is lo-fi as fuck, much of it goes on for too long, and some of it may annoy. I fought the urge to completely remix and edit this material. Instead, all tracks are derived directly from mixes I made (either to tape or DAT) at or near the time I originally recorded the stuff.


Sunday, 9 July 2017

An album of field recordings and “acoustic noise”

Free to download:


Performance photos

Sunday, 9 July 2017

A couple of nice shots of my performance at Trident in Boulder on July 7 have arrived. The first color photo is by Don Poe, and the others below, including the black/white photo are by Loretta Cummings.

Upcoming Performance

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

I’m playing a show on this upcoming Friday, July 7 in Boulder.

If you’re nearby, and you’re into drone / noise you’re welcome to come.

Here’s the event link on … (eughhh) Facebook (shudder) …


And here’s a cool poster:

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