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Alex Charles ¦|¦ Drum

     Alex Charles strikes me as one of the more interesting figures operating in netlabel culture today, his frequent releases are often short bursts of conceptually focused sound work. His broader body of work appears to be about the vagrancies of rhythm and percussion in an expanded sense.

     Drum... was a linear piece using a bass drum turned on its side, a hundred or so tiny bells and a hand held cymbal... the piece organically directed itself.

With Drum I deliberately limited myself to a small palette of instruments, and used those to attempt to create sounds usually associated with electronic processing. Other than a small amount of live EQ tweaking to bring forward the bass frequencies of a cymbal humming, there is no other processing of the audio.

Alex Charles is a visual artist and musician based in the UK. He has previously appeared under such names as Thee Alex and for some 11 years and over 100 releases, Thee Moths. His recent music is based around the live manipulation of loops made with small instruments, he describes this process as "simultaneously more simple and more complex" For further information visit alexcharlesmusic.co.uk


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released November 2012

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