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C. Reider
Hold Music

      I haven't put out a new tape since about 1999, after demand for tape trades shrank in the hometaper underground, (in favor of CDrs). At the time I gave up cassettes wasn't all that sad about not doing tapes anymore, I never enjoyed making lots of dubs... and yet, for whatever reason I find myself itching to do another one again. It is kind of nice to have a selection of physical products to sell at shows and trade with other cool folks.

     I am happy to trade with anyone who is interested, send me an email at the contact link at the top & bottom of this page if you're interested.

Track Listing:
  • The Old Way
  • Band at Fickel Park
  • Print Room
  • Oily Residue
  • Bottle Reduction
  • Missing ID3
  • --
  • An Orange One
  • Apple Store
  • Will Fall
  • Silenus' Advice
  • --

    Price (USA only, includes shipping): $6
    (Outside US, please contact first so I can calculate shipping)


     "Hold Music" was given the honor of 'Tape of the Month' for August 2013 by Tabs Out Podcast. Here's some of what they had to say about it:
"Hold Music" is an even 10 tracks of serious mood music, mostly improvised pieces, with a couple of field recordings. The opener, The Old Way, is a deep-meditation of guttural oscillations and buzzing high-end clocking in at a fairly short four and a half minutes before the first field recording, Band at Fickel Park. Being that Reider is from Colorado, I assume this recording is from the Fickel Park in Berthoud, CO located at 620 Mountain Avenue. The Berthoud Parks & Recs website says they got a newly refurbished tennis court with lights, so be sure to check that out if you're in the area. The field recording grips the sounds of birds, some wind tapeofthemonth_tapechimes, and ongoings in the distance. There doesn't appear to be any manipulations done, just a pure recording of nature, and a nice transition piece from The Old Way to Print Room.
     Check out the rest of what they had to say here: http://www.tabsout.com/?p=2975

Creative Commons License
Hold Music by C. Reider is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
released August 2013

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