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C. Reider ¦|¦ I'd've

At the Monolith
Bley Over Pass
Blade of Water
Coumaphos and Fluvalinate
Poisoned Lambs 3
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Artist Statement:
     This record was completed in 2003. It sat unreleased for over ten years. Why? Well, it's complicated. I was very deeply involved in Drone Forest when I worked on this, and I felt that maybe this album might 'conflict' somehow with that group work. So I held it back for a couple of years due to that. Later, because I felt it was a 'special' recording, I became determined to have a physical release for it, so I submitted it for consideration to a number of labels for CD or vinyl release. None were interested. The track "At the Monolith" was almost released on 7", but that project was scuttled. These recordings are now old enough that I can't quite remember how some of them were done. I hear some guitar, field recordings, scrap metal - some OS9 programs like MetaSynth, ArtMatic and SoundHack. It was likely at least some of this was edited in Peak and compiled in MetaTrack. I long felt that this was some of my best work from that period, so it's a pity that it languished for so long.

//////// C. Reider is a composer living in Northern Colorado, he is the manager of Vuzh Music. More about him here: http://vuzhmusic.com/artists/reider.html.

Cover photograph was taken by C. Hodges.

Creative Commons License
I'd've by C. Reider is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
released February 2014

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