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       Apollon's album Nox is an ever changing tapestry of dark sound vignettes, with gritty and foreboding loops of ethnic percussion and smokey ambience, recalling the works of Zoviet:France and Muslimgauze.

THE CASE FOR APOLLON:        Apollon is an abstract electronic outfit involving Martin Lee-Stephenson. Apollon makes use of tape-looping,, mantras and analogue manipulation, mixed with harsh, World music rhythms and sounds from various percussion instruments such as Arabic Dumbek and Punjabi tombe.

       Lee-Stephenson has been working in the experimental "genre" for many years under different pseudonyms. He has been credited in some way, either as producer and/or artist with over 100 releases to date. He also works within the visual field making short, experimental films. "Nox" could be described as one of Apollons darker works, drawing on Lee-Stephenson's Spiritual interests.
"Distracting loop-ambience with strange samples & ethnic tunes, sometimes really hypnotic... 15 quite different tracks... worth checking out, reminds us on some works of BIG CITY ORCHESTRA." -- Drone Records

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
Originally released in 2003 on CDr, re-released 2011 mp3

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