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Schemawound ¦|¦ Occupy Dreamland

Not Asleep, Not Dreaming
Occupy Dreamland
Through A Glass, Darkly
If you Want to Sleep, then Sleep
Now that You are Still

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Artist Statement:
     "Occupy Dreamland" is an attempt to step outside my usual methods and create a work purely from the unconsciousness. Most of my audio work is created by writing computer programs. Everything is carefully laid out and planned, even my tracks using random numbers are tested to the point where I have little chance of being surprised. Absolute control can be a heavy burden. When you have the option to change every decision you can lose whole days second guessing yourself. Constant refinement can sand down the rough edges that gave the track its initial charm. In an attempt to subvert this I decided to step away from the computer. I borrowed a looper from a friend and read approximately 1/4 of the manual before I began recording. Over two hour long sessions I assembled the source material that was to become "Occupy Dreamland". The tracks were created live, no do-overs, no time to second guess or perfect. The final results were edited down to its current form with a minimum of cuts and mastered by Cinchel to give the album its final sound."

Items used: EHX 2880 Looper, Rat Distortion Pedal, Microphone, Kalimba, Bodhrán, HVAC unit.

Artist website: Schemawound
Mastered by Cinchel: cinchel.com

Creative Commons License
Occupy Dreamland by Schemawound is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.
released October 2013

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