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Jeff Sampson ¦|¦ Swarm

     Jeff Sampson's recording for Vuzh Music presents a slowly churning atmospheric soundscape full of foreboding, with howling voids and grinding glissandi.

     From out of nowhere? Couldn't see it coming? Thicker than you expected? Don't know where to hide? Will changing direction help? Will changing attitude help? Underfoot? Underground? Under your skin? Those screams - from you or someone else? Does it matter who?

Well, it's gone. Really? Or do you not sense it because you just can't deal with it anymore?


The starter sounds for this piece all came from the yard and woods behind the last home I had in Massachusetts. Over a lengthy period of time, I heckled, mangled and nursed them into this tale of self-conscious overload. No additional recordings were made for it.

I've been serious about creating sound art/scapes since the mid-'90s. Most of what's seen release is voice-oriented - the only other available non-voice work is "Global Economics" (Kulturterrorismus - 2011) and a collaboration with Jeph Jerman, "Predetermined by Hindsight" (Burning Shirt - 2002).

My preference is to create audio atmospheres that bring stories into the listener's mind without stating exactly what the story should be.

Artist website: http://www.jeffsampsonmusic.com/

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Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
released March 2012

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