deleted - Système Nerveux

    Quirky mid-tempo techno from the French duo also known as Klimperei. Using a weird pop sensibility akin to the Art of Noise or Yello, with some moments of Tortoise-like post jazz, and a slightly melancholy flavour. Makes me feel like sipping a cold grape soda and sitting on the porch and letting the rest of the world go to hell. As Kraftwerk once said: "Musique Non-Stop, Techno Pop !!"

If you live in Europe and are interested in this item, please check availability at Drone Records. They stock this item at 8 Euro, and you will not have to pay shipping costs from the USA.

Price: $7.00 postage prepaid in the USA and Canada only. Due to the phase-out of CDr media, this release is currently unavailable. It Will be available soon in new format.

Track Sequence:
  • Système Nerveux (pt. 1)
  • Galères
  • Léopard
  • Médéric
  • Entre Deux
  • Bob
  • Corner
  • corner
  • Mother or Father
  • Nada
  • Sandra du Ciel
  • Pénitences
  • Il deviant le chef
  • Escape
  • Industry
  • Système Nerveux (pt. 2)

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