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Le Berger ¦|¦ Trivial Cataclysms

Dishes (cleaning & stacking)
Guitar Interlude
At the Keys
Broken Tap
Morning Brew
Guitar Interlude (suite)
Window cracks, amplitude mode and guitar coda
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     Canadian artist Samuel Landry, otherwise known as Le Berger, gifts us with an intense work of passion and attentiveness.

Artist Statement:
     The idea behind Trivial Cataclysms is one of scope or perspective: to expose and distort the mundane and give it gargantuan proportions. Because in some way what is considered cataclysmic to us, say a tsunami, is a very benign event at the cosmological level. Then by the same token what seems trivial like the cleaning of dishes or the simmering of a stew is in fact quite prodigious at the molecular level. It occurred to me while gathering those day to day sounds that human activity, even in its most simple functions carries a sort of imprint, a signature. If you look (or listen) close enough to these somewhat unconscious behavioral patterns, they are very eventful and rhythmic in nature.

     These sounds were processed - and contrary to what one might suppose, very scarcely was sonic treatment applied. The aim was to generate amplitude and access the tonal qualities sometimes hidden behind a bit of scruff. Most of the pieces with 'trivial' field recordings are somewhat harsh in delivery, so I opted to juxtapose them with a few composed pieces of music. I hope these will act as palate cleansers between the more abrasive parts of this Big Bang of a record.

Take care and pay attention.

Creative Commons License
Trivial Cataclysms is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License..
released January 2013

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