Marc Weidenbaum interview

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Marc was interviewed about the brand new music compilation “Despite the Downturn”.

Here’s a pretty great quote about some of the contributions, including my own:

What made this project so natural was that the illustration by Jeremy Traum suggested itself as a score because it had a score in it. Some of the musicians on Despite the Downturn interpreted the music in the score literally, especially Tom Moody, who fed the notes into MIDI and took it from there — the result to me sounds like Scott Joplin and Conlon Nancarrow getting along quite nicely. Others used the score as a canvas that only by coincidence had notes in it; they took it as a narrative, the way C. Reider has the hip-hop appear at the end, an aural symbol of the urchins that is, compositionally, like something Paul Dukas might have done if The Sorcerer’s Apprentice — perhaps the great work of narrative music about the unintended consequences of systems — had been about filesharing.

Here’s part one
and part two.

There’s also a cool writeup of the compilation at Flavorwire here:What “The Death of the Music Industry” Really Sounds Like.

In case you missed earlier opportunities to download this cool compilation of new experimental music, here’s the link:
Despite the Downturn: An Answer Album


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