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Sunday, 7 August 2011
  • Just saw Herzog's "Encounters at the End of the World" – Noticed in the credits that Cheryl Leonard's music was used. #
  • @DarthBuddha I amn't. When I saw him speak he said that hugging a tree is the most embarrassing thing possible for a person to do. in reply to DarthBuddha #
  • Contemporary is not synonymous with new. #
  • The truth does not need for you to believe in it. #
  • Aha! Dreamhost offers Quicktime streaming as an alternative to flash. #
  • I've just bought a domain. Vuzh Music sublabel ahoy! #
  • The next Vuzh Music re-release has the catalog number vuzh002. #
  • @jinjurly I'm 5'4", & recently weighed in at 160, which was a surprise. Also, I have trouble getting my hands in the right place on keyboard in reply to jinjurly #
  • @_loscil_ Happy birthday? in reply to _loscil_ #
  • @newpractice Did you see this? http://www.cfnews13.com/article/news/2011/july/284377/Rare-antique-gun-stolen-from-Daytona-Beach-museum #
  • @newpractice My thoughts exactly. in reply to newpractice #
  • @noisician I haven't looked yet to see if there are C. Reider tracks. If there are, I don't know who's getting the royalties from any plays. in reply to noisician #
  • @noisician But I want my twenty-nine one-hundred-thousandth of a penny. in reply to noisician #
  • … And today the favicon shows up on my new website. Propagation is weird. #
  • If there were only one single, solitary, angry White Christian male Republican left in the world, he'd STILL run everything in this country #
  • My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Giacinto Scelsi (20), Stretta (14) & Miriodor (13) http://bit.ly/cc9OIH #
  • I wonder what that shit sounds like. RT: @BoingBoing: Man heard his eyeballs rotate, heart beat http://goo.gl/8Fy2O #
  • @tobiasreber I'm there. I'm finding it mildly useful. in reply to tobiasreber #
  • The truth doesn't need a marketing industry, nor lobbyists, nor a news network, no matter how "profitable" #
  • @disquiet Ah, did you make another successful transit around the sun? Happy birthday. in reply to disquiet #
  • It's raining! My roof isn't leaking! First tomato has begun to turn! #reasonstobehappy #
  • @c_a_harebell http://susannelewis.com/blog1/?p=586 (Susanne Lewis is the singer from Thinking Plague – but that has nothing to do w/ this) #
  • We are getting some amazing rain tonight! I've shut off the computer twice due to lightning. #
  • "Professional suicide" – on giving music away free, Bob Ostertag in the Wire http://t.co/RNH6DBH (via @silberspy) #
  • That's a surprise RT @DarthBuddha announced that http://t.co/hhU8IUN will end after the end of the month. http://t.co/93bBwgc will continue #
  • @dpnem Yes. At least he's personally invested in the topic. Not the usual "expert". in reply to dpnem #
  • @dpnem The marketing against piracy is ubiquitous. As soon as most people hear "free on the internet" they presume from there. in reply to dpnem #
  • Recent very severe DDoS attacks against LiveJournal were allegedly done by Russian government. http://is.gd/rNj3iQ #
  • . @SoundCloud is actually a pain in the ass when it comes to downloading someone's entire album. #
  • Cladistic Phylogenies would be a good band name. #noitwouldnt #
  • RT: @jshell: More dreams of people who incorporate hot air balloons into their music gear. #
  • RT: @icystew: AUTOreverse REVIEWS: C. Reider – "Formerly Sine Drones" and "Owning Extinctions" 2011: http://wp.me/pvj9D-ap #
  • I think every Tea Party member should have his/her personal credit downgraded. #
  • If someone is running for an election based on the promise that they're going to FUCK! SHIT! UP! to make a point… they just might do it. #
  • PS: Republicans, you own the economy now. #
  • I mean, you created it before, but now you've really fucked it up. #
  • Hey thanks for teaching us all such an important lesson. #heckofajobteaparty #
  • A funny review of C. Reider's 2011 albums Owning Extinctions & Formerly Sine Drones: http://wp.me/pvj9D-ap #
  • Peak finding. Peak squashing. So glamorous. #
  • Art Zoyd has a noise album called "Pure Noise". Progarchives.com does not review it. #
  • Spent the evening at the County Fair, recorded a bunch of cool sounds there. #

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