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Sunday, 21 August 2011
  • @dpnem The Easy Pace is awesome, but where's the RSS feed link? #
  • I'm trying to identify a mushroom. Any fellow amateur mycophiles following me? http://t.co/q4x2WTj #mycology #
  • My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Front 242 (16), Stretta (14) & Burial (8) http://t.co/slnWdq8 #
  • Last night, I dreamed about trains crashing, obsessive flag waving and a woman with small breasts. You know, the usual stuff. #
  • I haven't listened to a single netlabel release in something like three weeks. I probably ought to make that right soon. #
  • @dpnem Ha ha! I know, how DARE I? in reply to dpnem #
  • @cinchel @mrdankelly RT @Kane_1 Come to "Markings on the Wall: The Graffiti Artist” Tomorrow from 5-6:30 http://t.co/Ezotq0c #
  • Big crisis at casa Vuzh. Our crisis is dragging on for too long, and it's too mundane to even describe. If it were a movie it'd get 1 star. #
  • Rotten tomato. #
  • Although, at casa Vuzh, we grow gorgeous heirloom tomatoes, so a rotten one is cause for bitter rueing and much gnashing of teeth. #
  • This crisis gets a 15% on the heirloom tomatometer. Worse than the Smurfs. #
  • One percentage point better than "the Smurfs DO Dallas". #
  • Who the fuck is Katy Perry? #
  • She's Smurfette. In the movie that rates seven percentage points better than our life. #
  • READ THIS! RT: @icystew: INTERVIEW: PBK interviewed by C. Reider http://t.co/XXlleyF #
  • @dpnem WHAAAAAAAATT????? in reply to dpnem #
  • @dpnem … Oh, she can say that kind of stuff, 'cause of the fact that we're now in a "post-racial" society. in reply to dpnem #
  • Just published: an interview I gave to friend and colleague PBK about his music. You WILL enjoy reading it: http://t.co/XXlleyF #noiselife #
  • @Maraxnoise Thanks! You knew it would be, he's such an interesting guy. in reply to Maraxnoise #
  • Social media connoisseurs. #
  • Heirloom tomatoes make everything better. #
  • @implicitorder Do tell, what varieties does he have? We're growing some doozies this year! in reply to implicitorder #
  • Catching up on the band Testament, and enjoying more than I ought to. I can't deny I was a lower-class white teen in the 80s. HEAVY METAL! #
  • New semester starts next week, and it is cause for much contemplation. #
  • Founders of 'Videogame History Museum' don't like museums, think they're boring, can't wait to get out of them. http://t.co/8suDLRN #
  • Same 'Videogame History Museum' guys have no problem asking for donors so they can start a museum. Good luck with that. #
  • .@Gurdonark Just like a book or a movie, whether a museum is 'good' or not has NOTHING to do with its thematic material. in reply to Gurdonark #
  • @JRichterJ Eyebrow looking bugs? You've got me curious now. in reply to JRichterJ #
  • Coalescing some improv stuff together to edit for possible cassette release. #
  • Been having fun editing these improvs, I haven't worked on music in a while! (It's good to take a break, y'know.) #
  • @c_a_harebell sounds good. I was a little unhappy with the setup & its possibilities. I think I need to re-think stuff. in reply to c_a_harebell #
  • @c_a_harebell Been trying to think of a way to get some spikier sounds into the improv format-droning noises are easy… and can be boring. in reply to c_a_harebell #
  • I have various limbs in different limbos. … I am hoping for clarity soon. #
  • @c_a_harebell Yes. That's one line of thinking. I was considering some equipment purchases before shit hit the fan. in reply to c_a_harebell #
  • @c_a_harebell On the other hand, equipment shouldn't matter, something spiky should be possible with the equipment we have. in reply to c_a_harebell #
  • @c_a_harebell I was pretty impressed with the metal tine improv we did. That holds a lot of promise. in reply to c_a_harebell #
  • I am rocking my butt-cheeks off right now to Siouxsie & the Banshees "Tinderbox" #
  • @c_a_harebell I was looking at boutique synth pieces, like the noise chaps have, also sampler, looper and stuff. in reply to c_a_harebell #

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