Recursive MP3 Encoding

Thursday, 1 September 2011

From an idea posed by Tobias Reber, of degrading sound files by repeatedly encoding and re-encoding them. His idea was to use SoundCloud’s compression as the filter.

That’s a very good idea, but in this case, I instead used iTunes mp3 compression, set at 128 kbps. The original sound file was a ten second white noise blast.

It is here as the first ten seconds, then the second ten seconds is the first encoding, and each subsequent ten seconds is the next iteration of the file which came before re-encoded at 128 kbps, until the twentieth time.

Recursive MP3 Encoding (for Tobias Reber) by vuzhmusic

By the end, according to the spectrum, there is virtually no information above 16000 Hz, but this is obviously much more than just a low-pass filter.

If I had a fancy paid SoundCloud account, maybe I’d re-upload this file twenty times, to test Tobias’ original idea!

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