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Sunday, 25 September 2011
  • Sculptor who shot a dog to death for an art film in the 70s commissioned for 750K sculpture project in SF subway. http://t.co/sK0fgE7n #
  • Today, we drove 200+ miles deep into the mountains, picked mushrooms, saw some moose & made recordings of trees creaking. #
  • Honestly, who cares about what George Lucas does anymore? #
  • .@Maraxnoise Sad noise? Hilarious! My bandmate in Drone Forest wanted to do "happy ambient" for a while. None of us could figure out how. in reply to Maraxnoise #
  • Can't believe the Republican echo chamber are talking about class warfare, and people aren't storming the fucking bastille in response. #
  • @Maraxnoise There is a "lightness" about some ambient, but I hesitate to call it happy. in reply to Maraxnoise #
  • @Maraxnoise Oh, go to droneforest.com and get my "Wormwood" – one of the first really good noise things I did. in reply to Maraxnoise #
  • @Le_Berger Actually, I don't. I appreciate the role blues played in rock development, & I like very early blues recordings… (1 of 2) in reply to Le_Berger #
  • @Le_Berger (2 of 2) … but I cannot stand Stevie Ray Vaughan style whitey electric blues. HATE it. Nothing recorded after 1950 something . in reply to Le_Berger #
  • I just grilled some fish & some wild mushrooms w/ oregano, lemongrass & tomatillos from the garden. Mmm. Heirloom tomatoes on the side. Mmmm #
  • @Le_Berger I understand this criticism, but I can also say simply & honestly, that latter blues just doesn't speak to me. in reply to Le_Berger #
  • @implicitorder Coffee in the morning, and booze in moderation in the evening. in reply to implicitorder #
  • @implicitorder Good for you w/ no booze. I've known too many folks who fall into the bottle. Pathetic. Moderation is key w/ anything. in reply to implicitorder #
  • @implicitorder Fucking 'A', man, that is seriously awesome. Keep it going. Addiction is fucking awful. in reply to implicitorder #
  • @Le_Berger It's important to have passion & interest in various directions. in reply to Le_Berger #
  • @implicitorder Yeah, some of my family is like that. It yanks at my heart. I'm a moderate partaker by nature. I like self-control too much. in reply to implicitorder #
  • @Le_Berger Folk also really doesn't do it for me after electrification. Weird. I love electric jazz, but folk & blues no. in reply to Le_Berger #
  • @Maraxnoise Yeah, me neither. There was some good ambient back then, but a lot was pretty froofy. in reply to Maraxnoise #
  • My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: If, Bwana (24), Piano Magic (18) & Janek Schaefer (12) http://t.co/tvPbaNRK #
  • @Maraxnoise Thanks! Not really "harsh noise" but certainly far harsher than your avg. ambient thing. in reply to Maraxnoise #
  • I hate to say it, since I adore Pierre Schaefer, but the "acousmatic" concept is deeply flawed, an idea that is well past its prime. #
  • Be a listener first. #
  • Ok Conservatives, if a corporation is a person, when it goes out of business, does it go to heaven? Is Enron in heaven now? #
  • Conservatives have an anthropomorphizing problem. #
  • @dpnem REM was described on NPR today as "edgy" and "experimental". in reply to dpnem #
  • @jshell I'd love to get it, but I don't have surround sound. I've only heard their 1st collab, was surprised to find that this is their 3rd. in reply to jshell #
  • Better late than never! Great work by SS. RT: @dpnem: Today's AoS Review: @saffronslumber's "Somnogen" (Resting Bell) http://t.co/H1HSNpvT #
  • "There is nobody in this country who got rich on his own. Nobody." – Elizabeth Warren http://t.co/cbiPO6ra #
  • @snooksarmy I feel a little more square about her than about O, frankly. Dems will never be solidified. Against our nature. in reply to snooksarmy #
  • Feldman mania! RT: @c_a_harebell: @vuzhmusic thought that thought that thought that(falls falls) snow. Who'd have. #
  • The Quay Brothers take up residency in Philly's Mutter Museum to film their newest work. http://t.co/8pXoBPp6 #
  • @Maraxnoise I'm on G+. I'm only using it a little bit for promo of new stuff. Mostly for other stuff. in reply to Maraxnoise #
  • @implicitorder You're damned straight, Conny Plank! Conny Motherfucking Plank! in reply to implicitorder #
  • ARGHHHHH. The car goes back to the shop. #
  • @newpractice Same thing. in reply to newpractice #
  • @newpractice New transmission, also gets stuck in gear. in reply to newpractice #
  • Bring back the apocalypse! It's never too late for the end of time! #
  • @implicitorder Yeah What the fuck did you do now? 😀 rt @maraxnoise You aren't on it are you? “ Must watch the local 11 O'Clock news….” in reply to Maraxnoise #
  • @c_a_harebell It would be fascinating the extent to which pain caused identity issues if it weren't so all-consuming. Fuck pain. in reply to c_a_harebell #
  • Several times today I found myself saying "@CERN is awesome!" #
  • Today can only be saved by beer. #
  • RT: @Le_Berger: I'm positively mesmerized by what I composed today. #
  • @ValhallArts @newpractice Alright you've talked me into it. Beer… AND gin. Whoooooo! in reply to ValhallArts #
  • Susanne Lewis provides three invaluable pronounciation guides: http://t.co/XFbNqcHY #
  • An interview with Jeph Jerman, whom I admire more than I can say here: http://t.co/KAT6A25a #
  • Jerman: "Removing the context so that the sounds stand alone." — Never thought of Jerman as an acousmatic artist, but… #
  • It has become very clear over the course of the last weeks that 'pure-sound based' vs. 'idea based' is a KEY internal conflict. Unresolvable #
  • @c_a_harebell Acousmatic is Pierre Schaeffer's idea of sound removed from context. Pure sound. Listen to the sound, remove associations. in reply to c_a_harebell #
  • .@c_a_harebell 'Acousmatics' is Pierre Schaeffer's idea of sound removed from context. Pure sound. Listen to the sound, remove associations. #
  • @newpractice I think you're going to have to read this: http://t.co/KAT6A25a – I disagree w/ him, yet REVERE this guy. Conflict deeply felt. #
  • .@Le_Berger You cannot expect every experiment to be a success. in reply to Le_Berger #
  • Welp, we're screwed. Time to hunt for a new car. #
  • @tobiasreber I cannot STAND people talking at a performance. So rude. Why not go to a bar? in reply to tobiasreber #
  • @tobiasreber I think a lot of people go just to say they were there. in reply to tobiasreber #
  • Just learned about a schoolmate's death. We were good friends in Middle school, bonded over computer programming. We were nerds. 🙁 #
  • The white cube is a humpty dumpty eggshell always ready to be broken & put back together again. #
  • The white cube is "an echo chamber disguised as a regular room". – Michael Brewster #
  • Ugh. Seriously. Must there be drama? = #
  • Right now, I am listening to an EP by a very admired composer who has recorded a new work specifically for Vuzh Music, and it is AWESOME. #
  • … Too bad you all have to wait until later this year to hear it! #

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