Steina on sound

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Taken from Site Santa Fe’s book “Steina”, this excerpt has Gene Youngblood asking Steina about her use of sound in her video work. VERY interesting what she says about the primacy of the eye… especially coming from an artist who works in video.

(emphasis mine)

“Gene Youngblood: I’d like to talk about the role of sound in your work. Our mutual friend David Stoud suggests that in using the video signal to control audio, you and Woody were among the first artists to exalt in ‘machine noise’, which has become a cult preoccupation among young sound artists today. The loud, percussive, noise-like quality of sound in your work is actually quite effective. It drives your landscapes and waterscapes beyond lyricism into the terrible beauty of the sublime. It’s your signature as an artist, and yet it’s so radically different from your love of classical music.

“Steina: I’m totally against using any kind of pre-recorded music with electronic images. Either no sound, or ambient sound, or the sound that the electronic signal itself makes. Sound is always stronger than image, and to prop up the image on someone else’s genius, that must not be done.”

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