Saturday, 7 January 2012

The seventh track in the Dystimbria continuum is by Utah’s AODL, and is titled “Collarado”.

Artist statement: “I took Dystimbria 6 and chopped it up, shuffled it, re-joined it, chopped it up, and shuffled it again, and had a couple of tracks built from all of that, all on the computer. I did some computer distortion of one of the generated tracks, and chopped the non-distorted and distorted ones up into two batches of samples of 2 seconds each. I then loaded those samples into MPC500 programs and plugged the MPC500 into two MoogerFoogers (Ring Modulator and FreqBox) and a Metasonix TM-1 Waveshaper and played a live set using only this gear and these samples (in pairs of noise and non-noise, one with “note-on” play, and one with “oneshot” play). “

Download it here:

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