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Sunday, 22 April 2012
  • Ah, ok. I feel slightly better about the term 'hauntology' now that I know it was intended pejoratively. http://t.co/P5aIJpUJ #
  • And now puzzlement that something like that is adopted as a marketing term for nostalgic music. #
  • Face forward. #
  • … and right on time Tom Ellard saves the day (re: hauntology) http://t.co/Y3Ahkivs #
  • In case anyone's really worried about it, Vuzh Music will not be releasing anything in April, due to preparations for http://t.co/k7XBdgKR #
  • @communikey @falsereactions Hey, any chance you can send me a poster or two? I'll put them up in the gallery at http://t.co/k7XBdgKR #
  • @communikey @falsereactions I can DM my address if this is do-able. Also I have some posters for STB I'd like to get up at CMKY. #
  • @falsereactions They are going to be excellent. A must see for anyone into quiet music. in reply to falsereactions #
  • @grahamdunning Inconsistent band, but occasionally brilliant. in reply to grahamdunning #
  • My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Robert Wyatt (26), This Heat (11) & Badgerlore (9) http://t.co/tvPbaNRK #
  • I'm documenting the sound of the installation of Sound Through Barriers: http://t.co/gtTf1PRW #
  • Man gay after stroke, swan kills a man and toilets that explode. Thanks @BoingBoing #
  • Let's open up RMNP for drilling! RT @repcorygardner time for long-term energy solution that involve opening domestic land for oil production #
  • Dude. My exhibition is going to kick ass. #
  • For the next few weeks, if you want tweets of any import, you'd probably ought to follow my sound art twitter account @liminallistener #
  • More installation sounds at http://t.co/gtTf1PRW #
  • Wish I could fly all of you out to see this exhibition. All 343 of you. Spambots included. (there'd be a captcha to get into the toilet) #
  • I wish for small things, like being able to sleep all the way through the night. #
  • Ugh. So incredibly tired. Installation is going well. Pics of the gallery space during installation are over at @liminallistener #
  • Oh, good grief. I've just realized we're opening on four-twenty duuuuude. Not intentional. #
  • RT @c_a_harebell Was thinking about taking Museum Studies this fall, but I think I'm done w/ anything museum related for the rest of my life #
  • @kristenschaaled You are such an old. in reply to kristenschaaled #
  • Audience feedback – so lacking in my compositional practice – is in ready supply for the Sound Through Barriers exhibition. #
  • I'm taking a pizza break, back to work soon. Late night (the night before opening) #
  • Hm. Maybe I'll try to stream @disquiet 's Junto concert live while working in here. #
  • I heard a bit of @cinchel 's set at the @disquiet Junto concert last night — streamed on numbers.fm #
  • … I think… I didn't hear the introduction perfectly well! #
  • @ValhallArts Oh, me too! I'm pretty pessimistic overall. I hope a few people get it. in reply to ValhallArts #
  • @disquiet @cinchel — congrats you guys, wish I could have been there! #
  • Soooooo tired. OMG #
  • I do not like being the public face of an exhibition. I don't mind everything up until this point, but facing the public is no fun. #
  • More pizza. Pizza is art fuel, apparently. #
  • The heartening thing is that when it's all up and running, Sound Through Barriers is an AWESOME sounding piece of work. #
  • @hecanjog Thanks. I feel like sleeping for one hundred years. in reply to hecanjog #
  • @mystified131 Thanks Thomas!! in reply to mystified131 #
  • @disquiet Absolutely. I wish I did some sort of live thing, but perhaps I can help in some way. in reply to disquiet #
  • @falsereactions @disquiet Me too! I think some interesting non-email conversations could evolve. in reply to falsereactions #
  • Frankly I can barely see straight at this point. #
  • Just looking at webstats. Today's hits to http://t.co/k7XBdgKR set a record for daily hits to any website I've ever done. #
  • Spending the 420 "holiday" so exhausted I'm probably more wasted than the many celebratory youth that I encountered today. #
  • This is definitely the way I feel: http://t.co/RcMfzPQ3 #
  • Is that what it is? I just saw it as a person in distress #
  • Mitt Romney / Charlie Bucket … what's the difference? http://t.co/ZkiMysvh #
  • Had dinner tonight with San Francisco experimental musician Cheryl Leonard! Very cool. #

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