Cracks Appear + Buddha Reduction remixed

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Two new releases of note:

It is a happy occasion to report that the anonymous collective Digital Mass has taken advantage of the CC license I used when releasing Buddha Reduction, and derived their own work based on my original sounds.

Here’s their reworking of the Buddha Reduction, it’s very ambient-y:
Digital Mass with C. Reider- Prolongued Buddhic Reduction

And in other news, there’s a brand new track by Auzel, and one by C. Reider too, along with several familiar faces (like Kirchenkampf, Hal McGee, Travis Johnson, Mutant Beatniks) on the new compilation from the Implicit Order. Each artist on the comp re-worked sound samples provided by Anthony of I.O. Pretty cool stuff to be found there.

Here’s the link, go download it!

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