April Netlabel Recommendations

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Piotr Tkacz & Alice Hui-Sheng Chang – micro
IdealState No Number Series – CC BY NC SA – Yay! Derivs allowed!
(Improvised w/ weird scrapings plus extended techniques on vocal. Really good, but very short.)

Iker Ormazabal / Oier Iruretagoiena – La Solana
Chirria Sello – CC BY NC SA – Yay! Derivs allowed!

The Implicit Order – Drifters
self released – CC BY ND – Boo! No derivs!
(A record with a sad premise, it’s based on an experience Anthony had knowing a young homeless girl who was murdered)

Oriol Rosell – [live]bcn 260311
República Ibérica Ruidista – No license listed – Boo! No derivs!
(Fantastic work with pure-ish waves & noise. Lotsa high pitches & phase. This has only been downloaded 23 times?)

CDRX – Greetings from Heidiland
Eg0cide – CC BY SA – Yay! Derivs allowed!
(Freaking great collage work of field recordings with electronic modulation. I really like this.)

@c – Half Life, Still Life
Crónica – CC BY SA (license only listed on BandCamp) – Yay! Derivs allowed!
(ASCII pun on “at sea” aside, this is some really quite good electronic abstracted sound.)

Red Fog – Zone of Avoidance
DNA Productions – CC BY NC ND – Boo! No derivs!
(Gah, drooooooone, so good.)

Alex Charles – Bowed Tape
self released – CC BY NC ND – Boo! No derivs!
(Quite a nice violin improvisation with effects)

VeDaKR – Pred Osle
H-A-Z-E – CC BY NC SA – Yay! Derivs allowed!

John David Eriksen – Super Sensitive
Control Valve – License not listed – Boo! No derivs!

Tom Ellard – Meteostat 2004
Severed Heads – Copyright – Boo! No derivs!

Wings of an Angel – Apocalyptic Love Poems for the End of the World
self released – CC BY NC ND – Boo! No derivs!
(I CAN NOT STAND the foofy titles to the songs (example: “Perhaps I’ve Failed, Perhaps I’ve Been Wrong My Entire Life, But My Lifelong Sadness Has Never Been As Beautiful As It Has Been On This Everlasting Night” *barf*) and that prejudices me against liking this stuff too much… I don’t know if it’ll survive for long on my hard drive, even though I’ve enjoyed the music.)

Transparent Body – Black Lights from the Wandering Stars
self released – CC BY NC SA – Yay! Derivs allowed!

Rafael Gonzàlez / Slo-Blo – Sketches of Hz Flapping
Tape Safe – CC BY NC ND – Boo! No derivs!

. – /////
ZeroInfo – Copyright – Boo! No derivs!
(David Nemeth said it first, and I agree, it is kind of silly for an anonymous record to be put out with a restrictive copyright license.)

Cinchel – Diamond in the Rough
self released – CC BY NC SA – Yay! Derivs allowed!
(Always worth following this guy, he does some really cool stuff!)

Blackdaylight – Nemesis
Kreislauf – CC BY NC ND – Boo! No derivs!

The Inner Shore – Silver Rectangles Reflections
Textural Records – No license listed – Boo! No derivs!

Evematic – Bisonogram
Earthrid – Copyright – Boo! No derivs!

Juan Antonio Nieto – Out of the Blue
Fugadiscos – License not listed – Boo! No derivs!

Jatun – The Mass of Portland
self released – Copyright – Boo! No derivs!

Luciftias vs. Ghosts Don’t Exist – Suspended Blades
Eg0cide – CC BY NC SA – Yay! Derivs allowed!

nojoined – Steady State
aReW – Public Domain CC0 – Yay! Derivs allowed!

Andrew Young – Inkplaces
Spectropol – CC BY NC ND – Boo! No derivs!

Sonologist – Ipotesi del Continuo
Petroglyph – CC BY NC ND – Boo! No derivs!

Christian Doil – MorseMusic
Treetrunk – CC BY NC ND – Boo! No derivs!


  1. Recomendaciones de abril de @vuzhmusic incluye nuestros @oriol_rosell y @JANietoPangea http://t.co/mzvK8q1NMV

    TrackBack by acufenosfest | May 6, 2013 2:53 am
  2. Thanks!

    Posted by Oriol Rosell | May 6, 2013 6:00 am
  3. Greetings Mr. Reider, thanks for the mentioning on your splendid blog, BUT…
    Foofy titles? AHM… This is the first time ever that I get such an original comment…
    My releases are a direct reflection of my life, in a sound diary format.
    I am not (by any means) [artificially] trying to be “intellectual” for the sake of it.
    This is my signature, my distinctive style of self expression.
    Please allow me to ask you dearest sir: are the industry standard titles any better?
    Unfortunately, most releases, from pop to ambient, suffer from a tremendous lack of creativity when it comes to written expression..
    Best Regards,
    Wings of an Angel

    Posted by Wings of an Angel | May 7, 2013 11:42 am
  4. Hi Wings of an Angel,

    I certainly don’t mean to be discouraging – it’s cool that you’re pursuing your vision, I admire you plenty for that.
    I’m not much of a fan of poetry in general, and your titles don’t appeal to my taste, they detract from my enjoyment of the work.
    There is nothing universal about taste, however, so perhaps some of the listeners that might find your work through my recommendation will enjoy that aspect of your work more than I did.

    Posted by C. Reider | May 7, 2013 4:43 pm
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