Failing CD Player

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

I have a new release out on the Ideal State Label’s No Number Series. This series presents brief recordings of improv and composed music, all available as CC licensed, pay-what-you-want downloadable releases on BandCamp with extremely minimal cover art.

With this release I am exploring my idea of sound improvisation… exploring the boundary between documentation (a la field recording) and improv.

“failing CD player” is a hybrid improvisation / documentary recording of a malfunctioning CD player during the very final fourteen minutes of its malfunctioning. Once this recording was completed, it ceased operating on any level, whatsoever.

The recording features a four channel live-mix comprised of the 2 audio outs from the CD player, a contact mic taped just above where the CD spins on the player, and an induction coil held in my hand.

During this recording, I discovered that there was some effect on the spasming of the CD player caused by the position of my hands near the machine; once I discovered this, my hand motions were more dynamic and eccentric, and the output seemed more “expressive”, or perhaps at least “interactive”.

Listen and/or download at this link:

Also check out the rest of the releases on this fine label. I’ve chosen the No Number Series because I like the releases here, and I like the aesthetic and focus of the label.

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