Daniel Barbiero – After 30 x 12 (for C. Reider)

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Daniel Barbiero has a new album out for free download on the Open Sound Group netlabel run by Graham Dunning.

I played on it, but Daniel also based the piece on a recording of an improvised performance I gave in October, 2012. I had uploaded the recording to SoundCloud (it is not there any longer), that’s where Daniel heard it. He wrote an event score for “individual gestures” for double bass “from a closed vocabulary of actions to be taken in relation to the sound material”. (Score available for download here: http://uploaddownloadperform.net/DanielBarbiero/After30X12ForC)

(detail of part of the score)

After he’d recorded his performance of the composition, he asked me to contribute a layer of electronics. In consideration of the importance Daniel places on the non-action / quiet engagement in his compositions I naturally drifted toward my method of reduction, a process which frequently produces great swathes of silence followed by tiny scribbles of sound. As I have described here: http://www.vuzhmusic.com/blog/2012/07/03/reduction/, the reduction process is essentially a noise reduction filter, sort of an antimatter cousin of convolution, wherein a sound is chosen to filter another. I used a recording of Daniel’s performance as the filter and the recording of my improvised performance on October 30, 2012 as the target.

Listen to the finished work, which is free to stream or download at the following web address:



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