the Tall Bald Grandfathers
Incomplete Inheritances

     Incomplete Inheritances was originally released in 1988 using the rather unweildy 'Ethan Cascio and Allison Aaron Cascio' as the "band name". The husband and wife team of Ethan and Allison eventually recorded quite a few more releases as the Tall Bald Grandfathers, so in 1999, Vuzh Music asked the duo if a historically inaccurate version of the recording could be released. So a cassette release by 'the Tall Bald Grandfathers' was prepared using new artwork, but retaining all the original songs. Late in 2002, the release was again re-released on CDr, as the first catalogue number for Vuzh Underground Editions, the new sublabel re-releasing classics of the cassette underground network.

     We're very proud to offer this fine recording, which is one of c. reider's top ten underground recordings. A sparse, emotional, melancholy trip through haunted childhood reminiscences that is unforgettable and quite unlike anything you've ever heard before. Their unique and difficult to describe sound incorporates jazz elements, with slinky saxophone lines and non-rock-song structures, but it's not jazz. It incorporates some early industrial elements, using synths and odd noises, but it's not industrial. Allison's storytelling and train-of-thought vocalisations add to the sound with a style somewhat similar to Hugo Largo's Mimi Goese or Yoko Ono, delivering meditative and weird ruminations on Childhood and Death, Love and Loss, Family and Self. What the Tall Bald Grandfathers are is totally unique, and here at Vuzh Music, that gets them a gold star. Almost 15 years have passed, and still no one has done anything quite like this.

Please also see the Tall Bald Grandfathers' artist page here at for an interview and more information about this band.

Price: $7.00 postage included in the US. See ordering info page for more details.

Track Listing:
  • Fissure Annexed
  • Vheissu
  • Ghost Field
  • Never in a Maze
  • Orange Peel Wound
  • Broken Carousel
  • Harem Thorn
  • Incomplete Inheritances
  • Jerome and the Orchard Tree
  • Instructions
  • Wooden Noose
  • Eyes of Vanish Inverse
  • Blindfold
  • Out of Time 2
  • V.U.E.
  • Take Us There
  • Subterfuge

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