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     Another new peek into the past of underground music!

     The Unseelie Court was a one-off collaboration, Fall was the only release. The project might have just as easily been called C. Reider / Histatic Charge / Auzel, but at the time I thought lots of named side projects would be a good idea.

     In 1992 C. Reider recorded some lo-fi recordings using various non-musical household items and cheap instruments and sent them off to my first cassette-underground contact Terry Burke (a.k.a. Dr. Terrence 13) of Histatic Charge (check out this release: Histatic Charge). A year passed, and in 1993 Terry added to these tapes with some various analogue synth noises and various strange sounds. During a move, the collaboration tape got lost, but it was found again, and returned in 1995 when it was finished up with the help of Auzel, and released on Carl Howard's cassette label AudioFile Tapes. Sadly, not long after its release, AudioFile suffered a calamity, causing the label to very suddenly be shut down forever. This recording has not been heard since then!

     "Fall was recorded pure analog to 4-track in August/September 1992, November 1993 and March 1995." Big thanks to Carl Howard for the original release!

     It may be worth mentioning that the AudioFile Tapes version of this record did not contain the "controversial" track "CRK=Asshole", and so there were two completely different mixes of this entire album released at the same time. This release combines the two, and uses a cover art that was done at the time, but never used. Trivia.

     Be sure to catch the extensive instrumentation list down below. More trivia.

     "An elusive mixture of drone and noises with the vocoder working overtime... shortwave broadcast from the bottom of a boiling pot of rhythmically challenged nightmare noodles... a pleasant diversion, a tidy compliment to silence."
-- AUTOreverse magazine, 1995

     For more early experiments from C. Reider, check out ne quid nimis

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  • Auzel - Bamboo flute, metal tone whistle, ceramic tone whistle
  • C. Reider - Casiotone CT+360 (with Pulse Code Modulation!), microphone scraping on bass guitar strings
  • Terry Burke - Moog, Korg Poly 800
Tch Tch
  • Auzel - Voice
  • C. Reider - Surprise mystery sound, 1/2" pvc pipe, glass jar, metal coupling from swingset, kazoo, plastic water jug, keys
  • C. Reider - Cricket that kept us awake many nights, voice
  • C. Reider - Bass guitar, guitar
  • Terry Burke - WOXY-FM radio DJ, synth
  • C. Reider - Guitar, slide, 1/4" input open
  • Terry Burke - Voice, Korg
To Ship the Thumb
  • C. Reider - Sampled Junior High School band, circuit bent electronic toy, sampled voices of unknown interviewer and Harold W. and Reba Colvin
Harry Truman
  • C. Reider - Found cordless telephone signal broadcast through a nearby television set with natural ring-modulation, tape loop, sampled Gregorian chants, radio, sampled Chopin, voice, guitar
  • C. Reider - Guitar, several tape loops, metal can full of pennies
  • Terry Burke - Voice
  • C. Reider - Guitar, metal pipe, bed frame, vibrator, voice (the voice at the end is the first thing I ever recorded on my 4-track)
  • C. Reider - VAV control mechanism, mini-trampoline, Dremel rotation tool, guitar, modified compact disc, vibrator
  • Auzel - Concertina
  • C. Reider - Guitar, polished stone, delay pedal with dying batteries, modified compact discs, tapes, Casiotone
  • C. Reider - A large glass container with a microphone and some small speakers lowered into it - and into which was played a live broadcast of George H.W. Bush's acceptance speech at the 1992 Republican Convention at the Astrodome in Houston, Texas, metal whistle, true whistle, voice, breath, samples of Alan Watts
  • Terry Burke - Shortwave radio, Korg
  • C. Reider - Guitar, whammy-bar springs
The Poisoned Lambs
  • C. Reider - Bass, metal wire, tape of rain hitting the chimney with Alec Hodges playing flute in the background, contact microphone, scrap metal
  • Terry Burke - Tape of thunderstorm and churchbells
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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Originally released on Cassette, 1995 re-released mp3 June 2011

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