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Sound sources are provided in mp3 format. They are uncopyrighted, and intended to be used in sound collage works by any sound artist who is interested in using them. These sounds are primarily industrial / noise type sounds. They are free to take and use, the only thing I ask is that credit be given in the liner notes of any release using these sources (and/or in the ID3 tags of any mp3), citing the sound source author's name (c. reider) and the website address
The following is a series of very short samples.
sound 1 3 sec. mono 32k
sound 2 1 sec. mono 7k
sound 3 1 sec. mono 18k
sound 4 2 sec. mono 25k
sound 5 6 sec. mono 63k
sound 6 6 sec. mono 63k
sound 7 1 sec. mono 20k
sound 8 40 sec. mono 397k
sound 9 9 sec. stereo 185k
guitar hit 1 1 sec. mono 16k
guitar hit 2 2 sec. mono 25k
guitar hit 3 1 sec. mono 19k
guitar hit 4 1 sec. mono 10k
guitar hit 5 1 sec. mono 9k
guitar hit 6 1 sec. mono 14k
guitar hit 7 10 sec. mono 100k
stick 1 2 sec. stereo 68k
stick 2 2 sec. stereo 57k
"loops" 3 sec. stereo 61k
"drones" 2 sec. stereo 55k
"noise" 3 sec. stereo 70k
"samples" 2 sec. stereo 45k
feos 20 sec. mono 206k
mucho enfermo? 7 sec. mono 74k
que escrives? 7 sec. mono 74k

The following is an official release by c. reider, called "sources"
It is only available on this webpage in mp3 format.
Exactly like the files above they were and are intended to be used as sound sources in the work of other artists.
Many of these were submitted as such for various of my collaborations, but were unused.
These files may be downloaded and listened to as a very minimal industrial noise album, or may be downloaded for use as above. Please give credit if these sources are used.
All files are stereo mp3s encoded at 128 kpbs, although some files are paired mono tracks, with different sources panned hard left and right. These sounds were recorded in 1998-1999.
If an artist would like these samples in AIFF format for serious use, please use the contact link below and arrangements can be made
These tracks are arranged in a possible listening sequence, should you decide to download these for your listening pleasure.
Please save these to disk rather than stream them.

title / descriptionlength / size
guitar 2 0:27 paired mono 493k
motor 4 0:57 stereo 907k
ambient noise 1 (air) 2:49 stereo 2.6MB
flute 1:02 stereo 985k
noise loop 4 0:08 stereo 138k
noise loop 1 0:46 stereo 731k
guitar 5 1:09 paired mono 1.1MB
gas / grinder 0:51 paired mono 810k
rain loop 0:40 stereo 641k
metal 0:44 paired mono 691k
fan 3 2:12 stereo 2.1MB
noise 1 0:45 paired mono 718k
guitar 4 0:25 paired mono 408k
motor 1 1:33 stereo 1.5MB
voice / guitar 3:09 paired mono 2.9MB
fan 2 0:42 stereo 670k
guitar 8 0:17 paired mono 283k
voice loop 1 0:15 paired mono 243k
guitar 1 1:12 paired mono 1.2MB
fan 4 1:20 stereo 1.3MB
voices 1:07 stereo 1.1MB
voice loop 2 0:22 stereo 351k
bass loop 1:38 stereo 1.6MB
guitar 3 0:31 stereo 489k
radio / motor 3:06 stereo 2.9MB
noise loop 2 0:21 stereo 344k
guitar 6 2:00 paired mono 1.9MB
random clicks 1:33 stereo 1.5MB
motor 3 2:04 stereo 2MB
voice loop 4 0:17 stereo 271k
voice loop 5 0:34 stereo 547k
grinder / rods 4:33 stereo 4.2MB
noise loop 5 1:02 stereo 974k
voice loop 3 1:38 stereo 1.6MB
ambient noise 2 (tones) 4:58 stereo 4.6MB
ambient noise 3 (air) 4:33 stereo 4.2MB
noise loop 3 1:04 stereo 1MB

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