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Vuzh Music News

News updated June 27, 2010
Hello all!
       Over the next little while I am going to be streamlining the Vuzh Music website. The intent is to make the site easier to use for those who don't want to spend a lot of time navigating from page to page.

       This old news page made itself irrelevant the moment I created the WordPress blog. It was harder to update than the blog, and so I procrastinated, and eventually fell so far behind that it's embarrassing.

       From now, on, clicking on the 'news' link will take you to the 'Vuzh Music News' category of my Wordpress blog, (LINKED ABOVE) This category will contain the most easily digestible, and most important news items, such as announcements about major releases and so forth.

       There is much more to the Vuzh Music blog, of course, including thoughts, reviews of other music I find on the net, links to articles... and so on. But for now, the narrow focus of this blog category should serve well for delivering the most important news to visitors of this site.

News updated September 10, 2009
       New very weird recording just released this week! Steam Inspector by C. Reider is a free release on the stupendous Just Not Normal netlabel.
       A lot of the stuff I do is really weird, but this one is just completely out there... Steam Inspector is a long form sound-collage which centers on rhythmic elements, mechanical and otherwise. It's the sound of machines malfunctioning as the steam inspector him/herself runs tests with peculiar electronic equipment. Listen and make up your own story about what this piece of music is about.

News updated July 26 2009
       Well, now I'm very far behind indeed. The best way to keep up with Vuzh Music news is to follow the Vuzh Music blog, or follow me on Twitter @vuzhmusic.

       The most recent updates to the site include the addition of the third installment of the Electret Quintet. Best one yet, I think!

       There is also the brand new CD release of the collaboration between me and PBK called Discorporate... it's a limited edition, I have extremely few copies still left so get it while you can! It's really an incredible album.

News updated March 27 2009
       I'm getting a little behind on updates! New free-to-download mp3 re-releases from the archive include some lo-fi techno from Crook'd Finger called Aft, and the dark ambient collaboration of C. Reider and Tarkatak called the Druser Pricid. Both are among my favorites of my older work, and both date from around the turn of the millenium.

News updated March 11 2009
       The blitz of archival reissues for 2009 continues with C. Reider - abandon, a recording which Gajoob described as "a genuine indie-ground classic", and "Highly recommended."

News updated February 15, 2009
       The fourth recording ever released with the Vuzh Music imprint is available again after unavailability for nearly a decade

       ne quid nimis explores the quiet and calm side of experimental noise, and does so with a low-fi, home-taper sensibility. Originally released in 1996 on AudioFile Tapes, the recording has been re-mixed and mastered for 2009 digging the sounds out of the hiss of K7-fidelity. Go to the download page now, and check on the Vuzh Music Blog for more in-depth information about this archival release.

News updated February 8, 2009
       The second part of the Electret Quintet is now online. You can download song by song at 192 kbps, or all the songs at once at 320 kbps (recommended). You can also stream the tracks, if you use the Last.FM service (link to page)

       The concept of this series is to use one old analogue sound machine as the sole source of sounds for each track. This release features three explorations of the Roland TB-303, sandwiched between a TR-606 and a TR-626. The style swings back and forth between very rigid and mechanical minimal-techno and squirming insectoid electronics.

News updated December 20, 2008
       Vuzh Music is happy to announce a new release by the Implicit Order called Disposable Outcome. The release is a collection of previously unreleased tracks from the last several years of his recording efforts. I'm a big fan of Anthony's work, and I hope you will be too! Go download or stream the new release RIGHT HERE.


       In other news, my release Inconstant (<--that is an external link to the page.) has received two thoughtful reviews.
The much admired music/art site Disquiet said this about Inconstant:
LINK: The Internet is an echo chamber of answer songs, but today0 a6s answer songs are less likely to be challenges (along the lines of Roxanne Shante responding to U.T.F.O's "Roxanne") than they are collaborations, in which electronic musicians take each others's work and transform it into something unexpected. Case in point is Inconstant, a single, 45-minute track composed by C. Reider out of the work of nine other musicians. The piece is shadowy, far more antsy than its initial appearance of quietude might suggest, and also far denser. It is based on entries in the Constant series, which had musicians building simple drones that their creators felt could be played in the background for extended periods of time, even all day. The musicians whose work is consumed within Reider's Inconstant are Mystified, Stephen Philips, Zen Potato, Ben Summers, Soul in Limbo, Tribe of Astronauts, C.P. McDill, Mystahr, and Jon 7. More details, including higher-quality compressed versions than the one linked to above, at, where Reider explains that the subtractive synthesis he applied to the pre-existing works yielded "a map of the freckles on the skin of the drone."
The Portuguese blog called Jazz e Arredores had this to say:
LINK: De há muito me cativa o som da netlabel Treetrunk Records, repositório de alguma da mais interessante música electrónica experimental de cariz ruidista que se vai fazendo um pouco por toda a parte, à volta de temas como ambient, industrial, drone ou noise. De Junho passado, recupero Inconstant, proposta do norte-americano C. Reider, que dirige a editora Vuzh Music a partir de sua casa, algures no Colorado. Tema único, com a duraçáo de 45'44, Inconstant contrapõe-se pela subtracção à lógica aditiva dos Constants, drones de artistas como Mystified, Stephen Philips, Zen Potato, Ben Summers, Soul in Limbo, Tribe of Astronauts, C.P. McDill, Mystahr e Jon 7, que a editora publicou em mais de uma dezena de fascículos sonoros, material que o artista juntou, filtrou e apresentou como resultado da sua manipulação criativa. Diz C. Reider: «I believe the Constant series is one of the most important things going on today among drone / ambient / experimental musicians in the underground, because it amounts to a conversation, a dialogue... each person saying 'Look here's what I think a drone can sound like', and then there are responses to that, and responses to that. "Inconstant" is a subtractive remix of the Constant series, numbers one through twelve. I took each of those twelve drones and filtered as much of the drone out of them as possible. One of the Oblique Strategies says 'Destroy the Most Important Thing' -- when you remove the drone from a drone, what are you left with? It is not the drone, it is the dust shed from the drone. It is not the drone, it is a map of the freckles on the skin of the drone». Seja como for, Inconstant é óptimo para a meditação.
       Many thanks to those two writers for the kind words!

News updated November 29, 2008
       Two items to note! The first is the free download release of a brand new mini-album on Treetrunk Records by C. Reider called "Linguism". It's a creepy collage of sounds derived from speeches by Noam Chomsky. It's really cool, go listen to it at the download page RIGHT HERE! (external link takes you to "Linguism" page at Internet Archive) This release is related to Aughtet, in that it uses human speech as the main sound source, and also to Inconstant (another external link to Internet Archive) in its minimalist experimental approach.

       Also new is that Aughtet has now been re-released as a free download in shiny 320k MP3s with high quality images for the cover art included. There's also an embedded mp3 player at the page, playing lower quality versions of the songs, allowing for fast loading. I'm excited about the embedded mp3 player, I hope to include this on more pages in the future. I thought this was a really great release, and it's cool to finally open it up for everyone to listen to.

News updated October 25, 2008
       The first release in the Electret Quintet releases is now available for free download. The series will feature five separate sets of recordings. Each track is an exploration of the sound set provided by an individual analogue drum machine. It's not minimal techno, it's not industrial, it's not noiseambient... what is it? the Electret Quintet.

News updated September 27, 2008
       Here is a streaming player featuring tracks from Mystified's "Beyond Numb" EP, to which I contributed three remixes. You can listen with this, and if you like it, you could go to the Beyond Numb release page (opens a page at the Internet Archive.) Enjoy:

News updated September 19, 2008
       I've contributed three remixes to Mystified's "Beyond Numb" EP, which is free to download from Completely Gone Records RIGHT HERE. It's a really cool release, and I'm pretty proud of the three mixes I did. They are indicative of the rhythmic / minimal techno-industrial direction that my music will be headed for the immediate future.
       C. Reider & Caerie also contributed a spooky, clangy, ghostly track to Webbed Hand Records 2-disc set of Stringed Ambient. This is a really wonderful compilation... I don't contribute to compilations very often, but I did pick a winner this time, in my opinion. Kudos to Webbed Hand head honcho Chris McDill. The tracks are all free to download.

News updated July 30, 2008
       I've just taken down all PayPal links for CDrs. The CDr was never the best medium for delivering music, aside from being glitchy and unreliable, and just have an aura of cheapness. I have never been terribly happy with the medium, and right now, there is no demand for it... in hindsight, I probably prefer the cassette medium to CDr. So farewell to CDrs. This makes many Vuzh Music releases unavailable for the moment... most of these will reappear in downloadable format soon, some will be free, some will be very inexpensive pay-to-download. In all probability, none of the re-released versions will have an advertising campaign or front-page appearance, so please check back here at the news page for announcements of what's available.

News updated June 12, 2008
       The newest release of peculiar futuristic bleeps and scrapes by C. Reider has been released by Treetrunk Records. The release is a remix of ALL of the entries in the Constant series of drones, which have been released on various labels, (including Webbed Hand, TZP Drone Company & Treetrunk) and distributed through the Internet Archive. The idea behind the Constant series was to present one single drone that you could listen to all day long. There have been 12 different drones released with this premise. I think the series is splendid, and have paid tribute to it by DE-mixing it... I did a subtractive remix, wherein all 12 drones were layered on top of each other and all play at the same time, BUT the drone part of each piece has been removed! How do you take the drone out of something that describes itself as nothing more than a drone? What's left after the drone is removed? Find out for yourself, go check out "Inconstant" on Treetrunk records' Internet Archive page: right here (external link).

News updated May 3, 2008
       The newest Vuzh Music release is a free download. It features ambient remixes of The Long Defeat, which has long been a popular release on Vuzh Music. The remixes were done by Mystified, Kirchenkampf, GurdonArk and C. Reider... the new release "Long Defeat Variations" may be downloaded RIGHT HERE, ENTIRELY FOR FREE.

News updated January 27, 2008
       The first release of 2008 is my first solo release since 2003! I had explored the distortion of rhythm (not the distortion of sound, but rather a warping of meter) over a few years and finally compiled a release out of the results of these experiments, which was entitled "Fine Failures" I'm primarily an experimental musician but I used the medium of minimal techno to explore these ideas.

       The coming year should see some more explorations into minimal forms of techno, including some more conventional work. "Fine Failures" is a free-to-download release, and you should also start seeing a lot more free downloads on this site in the future.

Older news items below

News updated December 30, 2007
       Happy New Year! Tidying up: site updates include very many fixes of broken links, and a new link to C. Reider's discography (external link to blog).

       Another fun item of note is that C. Reider made Disquiet's best-of list for 2007 for his performance of Lucier's "I Am Sitting In a Room". Go look at the write up here: (the item is in Part 3 "Up With the Download" as item number 7 "Echo-Chamber Music"... Disquiet Best of 2007

News updated November 11, 2007
       The latest re-release of an older out-of-print release from the days of VuzhMusic's cassette underground past is now available for free download. Originally released as a double cassette in collaboration with the Implicit Order in 1999, "Opposing Theories" features some calm industrial looping weirdness. Go to the download page for more details.

News updated April 8, 2007
       Vuzh Music is proud to release its first (hopefully of many) vinyl releases. Amy's Arms by Drone Forest is a tour of developing sound scenarios, of beatless weird noises and organic drones. The record is limited to 219 copies, each one individually numbered and stamped with a rubber stamp of a drawing by C. Reider. To maintain the specialness of this record, no downloadable samples of this vinyl record are available; Drone Forest has, after all, allowed over twenty hours of free mp3s to be freely downloaded from its website since 2003. This record does contain some of the most alluring and strangely musical sound-constructions the band has ever produced. It's an utterly unique record, and I am sure 219 of you are really going to love it! Go here now to pick up your copy of "Amy's Arms / metacollage"

       Also of note, two full-length experimental ambient recordings by C. Reider are now up and available for free download. One, the Long Defeat was an improvised recording presented with no post-processing and little editing. It was recorded in a huge, empty building with concrete floors, walls and ceiling. It was a building that once housed a factory that C. Reider worked in for ten years. The second recording, man-hours is thematically related to the Long Defeat, since it prominently incorporates site-recordings from that same factory in its longform, flowing industrial dronescapes.

News updated April 30, 2006
       A brand new recording is available for free download on our Drone Forest page, and also available on the official Drone Forest website. It's called "Point", and it is an especially atmospheric set of minimalist drones with an airy, industrial, timeless feel. Quite a worthy release from this internet collaborative. Here's a direct link to the Point page on, but the tracks are all freely downloadable on the Vuzh Music Drone Forest Page as well. Your choice. Let us know what you think.
News updated August 25, 2005
       Vuzh Music is proud to announce the new work from GoreHallReider - "A Blow to the Head" An edgy, dark and undulating sound work composed by longtime Vuzh associate and peer John Gore of Cohort Records using sound sources provided by Steve Hall of Yen Pox and C. Reider of Vuzh Music.

Here is a review written by Frans de Waard:
GOREHALLREIDER - A BLOW TO THE HEAD (CDR by Cohort Records) It seems to me that Cohort Records is becoming more and more active these days, and so are the musical activities of their boss, John Gore, aka Kirchenkampf, aka The Oratory Of Divine Love and aka >wirewall<. Here he teams up with Steve Hall, aka Yen Pox and aka Veil Of Secrecy and the more unknown C. Reider, who runs the Vuzh Music label. All three delivered sound material for this release, which was then 'arranged, effected and mixed' by John Gore. He calls this 'psychedelic ambient', which is an appropriate tag. 'Violent Drone' might also be appropriate, as in all seven tracks drones of whatever nature (radio static, analogue synth and perhaps even field recordings) play an important role, but a likewise important role is played by all the applied effects that Gore adds to this. This gives this drone music a top heavy character, sounds bursting in and out everywhere, from the depths of the earth and stardust from the sky. A sizzling mix of static sounds that never sounds s tatic. Everything seems to be moving around all the time, with small changes of color and texture, like a Yves Klein painting or a Steve Reich piano piece, ever so apparent in 'I Hear Voices'. Powerful drone music, along the lines of Troum, but more musical... by which ever definition music of course. (FdW)

the CDr is available through Cohort Records. the cost is $8 US + shipping.
News updated March 27, 2005
       Exciting new news for European customers! Drone Records, based in Germany, now carries many of the releases found in our catalogue. This is very good news because now Europeans will not have to pay for outrageous postage to mail from the USA. Here are the titles Drone Records currently has in stock:
All of these titles are available in at a cost of 8 Euro.
As a result of this new distribution, the old system of paying extra for postage is being phased out, and postage to the USA and Canada will be included in the total cost of the item. Does this mean prices are going up? No, as a matter of fact, prices were just lowered on almost all items effective immediately!
News updated March 20, 2005
       Thomas Park of Mystified contacted me after he had used some of the free sound sources that Vuzh Music provides to help in the construction of some of his new music. Some of the pieces that used these sources ended up seeing release on his new CD "Transient", which I must recommend as an especially good release from a little known artist. The music walks the border between droning ambient and industrial trip hop. A very pleasant release, indeed, and I'm happy to have any sort of a credit on it at all, though the true credit falls to Mr. Park.
You may find information about this CD along with mp3 samples here.
I strongly recommend this work.
News updated September 29, 2004
       Drone Forest is pleased to announce the first (perhaps of many) full-length release for free download. "Remixes, Volume Two" contains a satisfying collection of characteristic drones, with plenty of woof and scrape assembled by Drone Forest. Members of this ambient / noise collective squeezed some of their wide and weirdly varied inspirational sources and drew out from them their true drone essences. Distantly recalling faint shadows of the artists each track is titled after, the sound is still and unmistakably Drone Forest.

        There are two internet sites where these files may be obtained. One is at Drone Forest's website, where you can find the files under the "listen to df" link... and also at Vuzh Music's Drone Forest site where you can scroll all the way to the bottom and find the free tracks along with downloadable jpg cover art. Please contact Vuzh Music if you've downloaded these tracks and enjoyed them. That kind of feedback will surely encourage me to make more free music available!
News updated May 25, 2004
        The past months have been personally intensely busy, and label activities have slowed to a crawl, which is why you haven't been seeing Vuzh Music updates lately.

You may remember a recent warning to stay away from the Vuzh Music website due to it having been hijacked by some unsavory types... this problem has been resolved. A shout-out is in order for Drone Forest bandmate Mike Bowman who leapt to the rescue... is now safely in the secure arms of Mr. Bowman's server, fully functional and awaiting your visit! Anyone looking for a webhosting service should look into Mike's business website, which is

Although the site's been up for a while now, no notification went out about this, because we were also in the midst of a big relocation to a new town. Vuzh Music Centraal has moved from the lovely, but cost-ineffective mountains of Estes Park, Colorado, to the quaint, small town of Berthoud, Colorado. This will affect the service we provide almost not-at-all, but please do note Vuzh Music's new mailing address:

Vuzh Music
POBox 273
Berthoud, CO 80513

As mentioned, label activity slowed way down, but there are new releases in the works, nearly ready to go for the coming year, including new Drone Forest releases, a great new ambient CD by c. reider, and some cassette underground gems for the VUE sublabel, including classic noise albums by PBK, a wonderful example of mash-up, copyright violation from Samarkand and a collaboration between Yen Pox, Kirchenkampf and c. reider!!! For now, go check out some of the great new titles you may have missed out on, like Apollon's incredible "Nox" album, and the human voice-based experimental noise album "Aughtet" by c. reider.
News updated November 28, 2003
        There are now mp3 samples from each Drone Forest release up, and available both on the official Drone Forest website (which also has a couple of exclusive, previously unreleased mp3s), and on Vuzh Music's Drone Forest page. The notable exception is the latest, "Remixes, Volume One" -- we're working on getting a sample from that recording up soon.
News updated September 28, 2003
        Drone Forest now has its own domain, so please do check out It's still in the process of being designed at this point, but you will be able to find the most recent news about that very prolific drone band at that site, plus you'll have three options for buying CDs, you can buy it from the Vuzh Music site if you prefer PayPal, from the PureAmbient site if you prefer secure credit card ordering through KAGI, or you can order from if you like the security of giving your money to an enormous, multinational corporation. ahem.
       Also new to Vuzh Music is the addition of Apollon to the list of Vuzh Music artists. Check out his webpage here. His new release "Nox" is a powerful addition to the Vuzh Music catalog, with dark, gritty, percussive looping music that might appeal to fans of Zoviet France or Muslimgauze.
News updated on June 13, 2003
        The last months have been very busy at Vuzh Music. Many new projects have been undertaken, new recordings finished, and finishing touches put on upcoming releases. The coming months will see a flurry of new releases and newly packaged and remastered re-releases.
        The best way you can be informed of any new development with Vuzh Music, other than checking this news page, is to subscribe to the Vuzh Music Newsletter. Powered by yahoogroups, it will be an occasional newsletter announcing new releases and other pertinent Vuzh news. Please do subscribe!
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        In other news, I've become involved in an ambient music collective called Drone Forest. The predominant idea is "no beats, no melodies." MJB, Dave Stafford, Ian Stewart and I have been very prolific in the last few months, and we're poised to release several drone music releases which are multilayered and beautiful. Go visit the new Drone Forest artist page for more information, and links to mp3s. Look for more from this group!
News updated March 2003:
        The most recent news is, of course, this website -- carefully hand-coded over the last several months of 2002 -- is now finally online !
        Vuzh Music has gone through something of a metamorphosis, beginning with a long hiatus (a.k.a. near disappearance) for nearly two years. During that time, a full rethinking of the very existence of Vuzh Music came about.

        Up until this time, most Vuzh Music releases had been available only on the cassette medium, needlessly confining the releases to obscurity. The large project of completely remastering most of the back-catalogue for re-release on CDr has begun, and will continue until the job is done. Restoring these cassette classics to reasonably high fidelity (no HISSSSSSsssssssss) has been very fulfilling.

        The current ability of Vuzh Studio to clean up and remaster old cassette releases led directly into the formation of the new sublabel Vuzh Underground Editions. The purpose of V.U.E. is to re-release rare or totally unavailable, yet classic and necessary releases from the worldwide cassette underground. During my ten plus years of tape trading, I came across very many recordings that I found quite moving. I ended up collaborating with quite a few of the artists behind these releases, but the time has come to begin to shed some light on these previously hidden gems. I have a very long list of potential releases for this label, so look for new titles for many years to come. I'm currently working on a new addition to the label from Harlan, so look for that in the coming year.

        Our focus is not only on the past, however. There are a few brand new releases available, including a very nice melodic ambient collaboration with Tarkatak, called "the Druser Pricid", and a new solo recording of weird electronic music from c. reider called "some things i did when i lost my mind".
        Otherwise the most recent re-releases are Luster's "Abandon" (a long-time favorite of mine) and the Tall Bald Grandfather's "Incomplete Inheritances".
        Many other new titles are in the works, so keep checking back! The best way of finding out what new projects are in the works is by keeping track of my on-line journal. There is a recent breakdown of projects in the works in this recent journal post, and there is a more recent follow up here.

Don't forget to check out the special offers page before you check out.

Also check the Sources page for a full length mp3 album and/or sound library for sound artists, depending on how you want to use it.

              -- c. reider

March 2003

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