Tuesday, 6 January 2009

A while ago, I made up a genre term “Quiet Noise” to describe the genre I and others had delved into, one which was not quite ambient, not quite noise. I used it frequently to describe my music. Later, I thought maybe “Grey Ambient” might be another good descriptor, as it’s in between “Dark Ambient” and the lighter moods of “Ambient”… I never really used the term “Grey Ambient” much, even though it’s really as good as any other, and who doesn’t like grey? Grey is awesome. In between is a good place to be.

I stopped, however, being a real advocate for the term “Quiet Noise” a few years ago, when I realized that PBK had come up with the term “Noiseambient” which seemed to be catching on. Lately everytime I might’ve otherwise used “quietnoise”, I’ve instead used “noiseambient”.

In Disquiet today I’ve seen the first use of the term “Quiet Noise” outside of my own use (you’ll find a lot of it on my website) — although after mentioning this, my friend Loki told me that he has seen the term in forums describing bands such as the Hafler Trio and artists on 12k_Line.

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