NQN details, part 5

Friday, 20 February 2009

The fourth track on ne quid nimis is “coagulant”.

I had found several pieces of scrap metal here and there, always intending to use them as instruments. In this case I decided to do an entire track with metal noises. I like doing certain multitracked songs with a single sound source, which should be fairly obvious from this album, where there are four out of 10 songs which have one instrument (or one kind of instrument).

The main rhythm track on this song was a piece of machined aluminum which I struck with a soft rubber spatula, striking different places on the piece to get some different tones. The bell like tones were a piece of stainless steel that was about 1/4 or 3/8″ thick. If my memory serves me correctly, the scraping sounds came from the same piece of metal as was used on “the poisoned lambs 2”

It has long upset me how out of time my performance is on this piece, but on the positive side, it does bring on a feeling of disorientation when listening to this song, (much of my music is ‘about’ disorientation).

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