NQN details, part 10

Saturday, 28 February 2009

The ninth song on ne quid nimis is “the hypnogog”.

This track was recorded for the pair of noise compilations titled “Weeping Eye of God / Creeping Eve of Dog” which featured contributions from Crawl Unit and Richard Ramirez among others.

I didn’t have much appreciation for noise music back in the early 90s. What really bothered me about the style was that from what I could see, a lot of artists were doing noise along with some silly, aggressive macho posturing, which I’d had quite enough of in heavy metal. I only later really came to appreciate noise as a style with a lot of variation and potential. This song was my idea for what noise could be, while still retaining a sort of calmness.

Sadly, I can’t remember a whole lot about the recording of this particular track… it sounds like the main drone is built upon a bass guitar feedback loop. I listed “fabric” as a sound source, and I think I might be referring to the fabric cover of my amplifier, which I might have rubbed against the surface of the microphone, unfortunately, I can’t remember for certain. The outright noise at the end is a guitar freakout run through a pitch shifter with distortion.

The constant presence in this track is an echoing voice, mixed so as to be a background element. The voice is a set of recorded tapes of a local idiot with a TV talk show named Bob Enyart, Pastor of the Denver Bible Church. My wife and I got great entertainment from watching this guy make a fool of himself on television, spouting his hateful views once a week from behind his moustache and ugly ties… with some nutjob call-ins from wishy-washy liberals who limply challenge him and from backwoods rednecks who (burp) agree with him. Bob has some pretty shocking and backwards views, that homosexuality should be punishable by death, for example. He calls child molesters “homosexual recruitment officers”. Charming guy for sure.


  1. If you think Bob Enyart had only wishy-washy liberals and backwoods rednecks who agreed with him call in to his show, why don’t you try challenging him? My bet is you won’t, of course. You can call into his show live every weekday at 3:00 PM Mountain Time at 1-800-8ENYART or, for those who attended government school, that’s 1-800-836-9278. His show, Bob Enyart Live, is broadcast on 670 KLTT in Denver and streamed live over the internet at http://www.KGOV.com. Happy challenging, if you dare!

    Posted by Scott Evans | February 28, 2009 6:43 pm
  2. Thanks for the invite, as smarmy and condescending as it was.
    I don’t have anything to prove. Arguing with people whose views I find abhorrent doesn’t make anyone see reason, it just makes people mad, which, I think might be part of the point of his show.

    Does he still do TV?

    Posted by C. Reider | February 28, 2009 7:51 pm
  3. You’re welcome.
    You haven’t the slightest idea of the point of his show, obviously. Actually, he’s not on TV live any longer, but they are going to start broadcasting his old shows on channel 53 in Denver starting May 1 I believe.
    Call in to his radio show sometime. Tell Bob I sent ya’.

    Posted by Scott Evans | February 28, 2009 8:51 pm
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