Tuesday, 10 March 2009

The massive re-releasing blitz of 2009 continues!
the next up is “abandon” from 1998.

I’m excited to finally set this recording free, it has been released on cassette, and later on CDr, and now finally it can be heard directly on-line, via 256 kbps VBR mp3 or with the streaming player on the page.

The recording is called “abandon”, it is being released now as a C. Reider release, although at one time it was credited to Luster. I’ve decided to put that identity to rest… it makes more sense to have this work credited to my name.

There is massive online documentation about this particular recording on its release page, so I don’t think there’s much more I have to say about this recording. It’s still one of my personal favorites from my discography.

One of the things about this album for me is that it was a huge period of artistic growth. I learned more by doing this album than maybe from any other single project. I can still listen to some of the edits that would be easy for me now, and remember how difficult they were for me then! (Especially since I was using primitive entry-level digital recording with wonky, ineffective editing capabilities (the Roland VS-880)).

Go check it out:

After you’ve given it a listen, if you’re curious about it, read the recording notes under the player / download link. If you look closely you’ll find a link to some special stuff, including something I haven’t officially announced as being released yet!

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