Monday, 9 March 2009

My creative work precedes my mixdown / mastering work by a large gap of time, normally.

I’ve recently begun mixing and mastering for the Electret Quintet part 3, work which was composed and assembled in March 2008.

After a working through a few passes at a mixdown over the last few weeks, today I found — nested in the folder for one of the tracks to appear on the third part of this project — a folder titled ‘alt’, which contained a radical remix of that track… I haven’t heard this mix in over a year, and I’d completely forgotten about it! Pretty exciting discovery, for my part. The downside is that adding this new part in will add another couple of minutes to the total length, and I was already thinking it was reaching the limit of lengthiness. The first two tracks alone have a longer duration than the entirety of “The Electret Quintet part 2”.

It’s funny to me that the creative side of my psyche works quickly enough that I can record something and completely forget that it even exists. I wonder how much stuff I’ve created and then misplaced forever?

Didn’t the Residents record something that they intended to have released only once they’d forgotten they’d ever recorded it? That’s a good m.o., IMO.


  1. Yeah! An interesting way of taking the ego-thirst out of writing and releasing.

    A gap of time does strange things. . .


    Posted by Thomas Park | March 10, 2009 9:13 am
  2. Exactly.
    The thing with me is that the part of my brain that does the creative “authoring” of the work is not at all the same part that does the “organizational” mixing & mastering.
    So it’s best for me to focus on creating when I have that inspirational spark, and then deal with organizing it all at a later date.

    Posted by C. Reider | March 10, 2009 6:33 pm
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