Best of 2010 PLUS: Meteer

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

My post detailing my favorite netlabel releases of 2010 was quite popular, and led to a lot of people discovering some cool music, which is one of my main goals, aside from promoting my own music. It is my humble opinion that all netlabel artists ought to have the same goal: namely to promote the stuff in the netlabel underground that they think is really great at the same time as they promote their own stuff. That way ALL of us benefit, both listeners and producers. Right? Right.

With this in mind, I am going to be focusing on each artist (hopefully-this will depend on if they want to participate or not) whom I reviewed in the best of 2010 post, re-running the review I originally wrote, but I’m ALSO going to ask each of the artists reviewed to recommend a few completely FREE netlabel albums that THEY have enjoyed recently.

Previously we’ve had recommendations from:
1.) Mystified
2.) Marc Weidenbaum
3.) Christopher McFall
4.) Andreas Brandal

This time we’ll get Björn Asserhed’s recommendations. His musical project Meteer came out with a great album in 2010, here’s what I had to say about it:

Meteer – Unless
Blocks of odd samples move in rhythmic patterns a la Biosphere or Taylor Deupree. Somehow, even with all the ring modulation and lo-fidelity and occasional distortion, (not to mention lack of overt beats) it still feels like a lush ambient techno piece.

Now then, here are recommendations from Björn of Meteer:

Hi there

Thanks for reviewing Unless EP and also for this healthy net label promo initative.
I took a tour through my archive. The following I think are really worth mentioning from 2010:

Piper_ben :: Photosynthesis EP
Deconstructed house beats fills this four track EP. The blend of sounds sounds like something from the future.

Quarterbit :: Kyoto series
Kyoto is not easy listening. The constructions breathes of playful experimentation and I cant help to love it.

Motionfield :: The sound of snow
The title is well chosen. This is an ambient snow album. Slow pads in huge halls and melodies of melancholia. Sounds going in the Biosphere direction but with its own twist.

Texel :: Liike EP
Analogue sounding as it is, its not at all old school. Progressive rhythms and nice, warm pads takes you to dreamland on a Boards of Canada kind of highway.

Since you asked for music not related to myself I did not mention my collab project with Closer Contact, that I am most proud of in 2010:
A follow up on this album is going to released 31st of January on BFW.

Björn Asserhed

Thanks Björn!


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