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Sunday, 6 November 2011
  • @implicitorder Tom Tancredo in reply to implicitorder #
  • Tom Tancredo. Doug Bruce. RT: @implicitorder: What's #creepy or #spooky near your home? #
  • Today there will be some much needed email/internet time, and then very much cutting and hauling of timber that fell in the recent snow. #
  • @mystified131 It was great. Jeff & I didn't get a chance to talk much, but he's a cool guy in person! in reply to mystified131 #
  • @dpnem @implicitorder … if she's not a witch… then WHAT IS SHE!?!?!? in reply to dpnem #
  • Augh! Should never email before coffee! First miscommunication of the day already! Sheesh. #
  • About half way to clearing the fallen timber from the recent snow storm. Have hauled twenty plus truckbeds full. Very sore. #
  • Eesh. Rick Perry is tweaking. http://t.co/0D8FVDks #
  • @mrdankelly Satan, obv. in reply to mrdankelly #
  • @mrdankelly Satan's Editing Room. "You'll end up on the cutting room floor!" in reply to mrdankelly #
  • My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Asmus Tietchens (17), Dntel (6) & Kroumata Percussion Ensemble (2) http://t.co/tvPbaNRK #
  • @Steve_Hamann So much of how music gets constructed is alien to listeners (and musicians) in reply to Steve_Hamann #
  • @disquiet Jarboe told me about how when she saw Faust, the singer thrust a running chainsaw into the audience near her head. in reply to disquiet #
  • @cinchel @Le_Berger I used to use many project names. It ended up being a hassle & watered down familiarity w/ my name. Just C. Reider now in reply to cinchel #
  • @disquiet Now, with chainsaws, that could be a very interesting opera. in reply to disquiet #
  • Snow lightning! Gah! #
  • … and the leaves have still not fallen off the trees. Tonights forecast big snow gives me a bad feeling. #
  • Awesome, my 15 minutes: If you go here right now, my stupid face is on the newspaper's website: http://t.co/jmbTFK4u #
  • @implicitorder I was dropping off my election ballot. A reporter was there when I voted & took my foto/info. Probably in the paper tomorrow in reply to implicitorder #
  • My lesson about the stock market today is that investors really hate the threat of democracy. #greece #poopinginthepunchbowl #
  • In Chicago I plan on yelling "UP YOURS" to everyone I meet. This should endear me to the locals, right? #
  • @mrdankelly Confused is my normal state of being. in reply to mrdankelly #
  • @ValhallArts They're doing everything they can to accomplish nothing so that they can win the White House and "take back America". Strategy. in reply to ValhallArts #
  • @mrdankelly That is brilliant! in reply to mrdankelly #
  • @ValhallArts Smells like something, alright. in reply to ValhallArts #
  • And now there is a new Dystimbria track from Mystified! "Power Drain" — GO http://t.co/tE7ASdCp #
  • @mystified131 Thank YOU! I just now rushed to get it up before my Chicago trip. in reply to mystified131 #
  • @newpractice So I was told! I'm not up on my flavors of rudeness! in reply to newpractice #
  • When someone says "you're weird" they probably mean "you have taken time to develop diverse & rarified interests, and I have not." #
  • The train has just pulled up, looks like we'll depart on time in about an hour! #
  • Suggestions for the lady? RT @c_a_harebell I am a bachelor until Wednesday. I'm trying to think of bad stuff to do, but my mind is blank. #
  • I am in Chicago. We pulled into Union Station about four hours late. It's almost 7 local time. #
  • I will have no problem sleeping tonight. Now to figure out how to get out of Union Station and to where I need to be. #
  • @c_a_harebell So far it appears that they are either not there or asleep. Naked and asleep. (?) in reply to c_a_harebell #
  • @implicitorder This: http://t.co/MDaLUegg in reply to implicitorder #
  • Chicago is a great sounding city. #
  • A travelogue, if you care to read it: http://t.co/w8UxRFRS #
  • @c_a_harebell I haven't been, I ought to. Just too overwhelmed right now to think to do it! in reply to c_a_harebell #
  • Some academics don't realize they're speaking another language. Perhaps communication isn't the point. #
  • Walked through affluent touristy district. I looked out of place enough that several ppl asked ME for directions. #
  • So far I have learned at the sound art theories symposium that I had better take some advanced philosophy classes. #
  • I met a woman doing a dissertation on black metal in contemporary art. Exclamation point. #
  • At the sound art symposium, very few of the people I'm meeting are willing to identify as sound artists. My eyebrow is raised. #
  • A girl from China at the hostel is wearing a sweater that says "crap | future | shoes | toys | books | music" #
  • @c_a_harebell I am very, very amused by these Chinese kids playing ping pong. Hilariousness. #
  • Where I'm at: http://t.co/p8btPpgc #
  • @c_a_harebell A "Faulkner". Is this some sort of dildo? in reply to c_a_harebell #
  • I was informed by some locals that the MCA Chicago "doesn't know what it is". Perhaps the opposite problem exists in Fort Collins. #
  • Q: Who is the audience? A (from the audience): Got me! #

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