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Sunday, 13 November 2011
  • Corn flakes. #
  • @tobiasreber No, more from the academic side. I have met few musicians. in reply to tobiasreber #
  • @HurdAudio 1948? Muddy Waters? in reply to HurdAudio #
  • @babblingboy Best of luck! in reply to babblingboy #
  • Today at the Sound Art Theories Symposium, David Grubbs presented a paper about online experimental music archives and left out #netlabels #
  • … while including things like Ubuweb and mp3 blogs. It didn't make sense to me and I said so. #
  • .@jshell I asked this. I felt, and still feel, that it was an exclusion based on 'non-academic' status, thus elitist. (1 of 2) in reply to jshell #
  • .@jshell He said it was based on new vs. not new. I.E. archival of "previously" released work. (2 of 2) in reply to jshell #
  • Bertoia work in front of AON building, Chicago. (not my crappy video) http://t.co/KXsX9Sfo My recording later. #
  • A quick search of @ubuweb yields brand new work, so David Grubbs' distinction of old/new does not hold as a seperator. #
  • @Maraxnoise I don't feel any material warrants exclusion from art. in reply to Maraxnoise #
  • @Maraxnoise Well, one has that luxury when one has had the income of a lawyer for however long. in reply to Maraxnoise #
  • @saic_news I see that @MarcMcNulty, @eleona, @s_t_e_v_e_jones and myself have tweeted a bit about it. in reply to saic_news #
  • Looking forward to today's visit to the @fieldmuseum #
  • @c_a_harebell Good morning! in reply to c_a_harebell #
  • @c_a_harebell Bushy-eyed and fresh-tailed? in reply to c_a_harebell #
  • I haven't been able to properly promote the new piece on http://t.co/tE7ASdCp by @mystified131 yet, but it deserves a considered listen! #
  • @c_a_harebell That was probably the best of the new exhibits! in reply to c_a_harebell #
  • @c_a_harebell … and that was one of my favorites of the old-timey exhibits! in reply to c_a_harebell #
  • @c_a_harebell oh no, you must REALLY be stressing in reply to c_a_harebell #
  • @cinchel Oi, I listened to a couple of your things on the train Thursday / Friday. Organ.dump is pretty great in reply to cinchel #
  • @c_a_harebell There's a song called "Faun Fables" by Japonize Elephants that's got a hilarious parody aspect. esp at the end @snooksarmy #
  • @cinchel I think it's okay to aim high with concept, even if you fail. At any rate it is good travel-by-train music! πŸ™‚ in reply to cinchel #
  • @cinchel I know what you mean about having a real difficult relationship with your own work sometimes though! in reply to cinchel #
  • You want a job, right? #
  • A German woman I met @ #saicSATS told me that for her the most annoying sounds in the USA was all the ventilation noise. Too distracting. #
  • This puddle is deeper than I thought. #
  • Does contemporary design not ever ask "Is it practical?" "Is it useful?" "Is it uncomfortable?" "Is it ugly?" #
  • My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Cinchel (11), Iannis Xenakis (6) & Dome (5) http://t.co/tvPbaNRK #
  • Hey! Internet! I am at a stop in Osceola, Iowa. Where are you? #
  • @c_a_harebell We have arrived in Denver. The train was seven hours delayed. Now to figure out how to get home. #
  • 24 hours on the train. #
  • … and on the bus for three hours #
  • @c_a_harebell Sorry babe, your batchelorhood is over. Get that goddamned ball & chain put back on yo ankle. in reply to c_a_harebell #
  • … twenty minutes by foot, and I am home! #
  • I am thinking about sound memory, since the sound of the train's whistle is persisting in my mind. #
  • Permeable barrier #
  • Where's my goddamned thesaurus? #
  • @mystified131 Ha ha! πŸ˜€ in reply to mystified131 #
  • My friend @mrdankelly has written/selfpublished a book http://t.co/yhrpsDSp called "Hilaretic, Church Reviews & Other Writings" Buy it! DIY! #
  • No borders here. #
  • "There is no way to penetrate this barrier, it has the strength of a million souls, the power of the dead" #
  • It exists but is of no consequence. #
  • Pores. Interstices. #
  • The filter through which all may pass. #
  • Porous barriers #
  • Diffuse limits. #
  • Unreliable constraints. #
  • Yielding to pressure. #
  • Dams that burst. #
  • Perforated membrane. #
  • I dreamed I arrived late for a lecture. The presenter was very quietly speaking complete gibberish. The audience rapt, extracting meaning. #
  • There is no word in English for this. #
  • No, but you CAN hear through a wall. RT: @implicitorder: Can you see thru a wall? #
  • @jshell ha ha! This is actually a dream about a real thing, I was at some talks that went over my head & I felt very small as a result. in reply to jshell #
  • @jshell I would have probably enjoyed a gibberish talk from Andrew McKenzie! in reply to jshell #
  • Acknowledging its solidity, and yet still passing through it. #
  • Mountain Standard double black IPA by @OdellBrewing … HO-LEE SHIT! #
  • Typing frantically. Blog post will be as weighty as a concrete block. Will it knock your head off? #

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