Flood update

Saturday, 14 September 2013

We still have no phone, estimated repair time is well into next week.

In the town we live in now, you’d almost not know anything was going on at all. We can now (I’m told) go North by I-25 and also by Wilson St. in Loveland.

I think we can go South by 287 and access some of Longmont.

We’ve stayed put for the last 2 days though. I heard on police scanner there was a helicopter crash just outside of town, but haven’t seen it on the news.

We’ve just heard from Carrie’s parents, her father hiked way up onto the mountain to find cellphone reception and called her aunt & emailed us. He said they’re dropping supplies in, but they have no phone, internet, electricity or water. At least they’re alive / safe.

The little stream in their backyard that’s normally about 6 feet across and under 12 inches deep was 70 yards across and 35 feet deep. Tore out a massive portion of their backyard, many trees gone. All bridges in town were destroyed but one. They’re evacuating anyone who wants to leave, but I think they’re staying put.

The news is that if they can get a generator up to the water plant, then residents will have water again.

Here is an hour long video taken by the Larimer Sheriff on a surveillance flight. Starts at Big Thompson Canyon. Clearly shows major mountain thoroughfares completely, totally, utterly destroyed. Almost everything shown in this video is very familiar to Carrie and I, this is the terrain where we grew up. We’ve been on these (now destroyed) roads tens of thousands of times.
Most of the beginning is the Big Thompson Canyon. I rode w/ my parents on this road at least 6 times per week when I was young. It’s destroyed now.
20 minutes in is my old town Estes Park, Carrie’s parents’ house is very clearly visible at 30 minutes in… at 35 minutes there’s an overflight of where Carrie & I lived for a decade during the 90s & 00s.

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