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Saturday, 28 September 2013

There is a new album by Miquel Parera available at Vuzh Music for free download.

Among the things that have long interested me as an artist, and also as the manager of this netlabel, is how personal artistic style emerges. If the artist disengages from conscious activity during the creative act, how does the work still represent the artist? What is style? Does style occur in the subconscious? Where and how and when does style intertwine itself with action? In the case of Miquel Parera, and others working in this field, the use of automatic, random and algorithmic composition to remove recognizable stamp of the human composer still does not fully remove personality from the finished work, this collection of music is a fine example. This work sounds like Miquel Parera’s music, even as he attempts to remove his ego from the work.

Get MUME Selections here:

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