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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

David Nemeth’s excellent roundup of his favorite netlabel releases of the year is worthy reading for anyone into free experimental music. Load your computer or iPod or whatever up, tons of good stuff here:
Interesting Albums of 2014

I was pleased to see a mention of Daniel Barbiero’s “After 30 x 12 (for C. Reider)” (to which I contributed electronic sound),

my first release of 2014 “Distressing“,

and also to Martin Rach’s excellent 2014 release on Vuzh Music, “Mongrel Drone Set“,

There’s also some crossover with my list of recommended netlabel releases from 2014, so there ya go.

Finally, somewhat stunningly, my album “the Plangents” was nominated for the Brainwashed end of year reader’s poll, and actually received enough votes to place on the list. I’m very pleasantly surprised about that. Dig it:
17th Annual Brainwashed 2014 Reader’s Poll

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