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Sunday, 02 February 2009

A few quick nods to some things I’ve heard around the ‘net lately:

C.P. McDill – Introspection
This venerable underground artist has put out a lot of good work, this one is striking for its character. This Eno-esque ambient piece presents a continuously rolling tone cloud which constantly shifts between tension and release and often drifting into really serious dissonance. The choices of tones occasionally seems completely random, and at others it’s more composed. The piece seems to sit very uneasily with itself, and that makes listening to it a very curious and captivating experience… not something one can always say about an explicitly ambient work.

Zieltogend – Myst II
More deep, dark drones from the man behind Desohll and Norss. This particular piece remixes some works by Mystified. I really love this kind of thing, when one underground artist pays tribute to another by remixing, especially in this case where the artist clearly has a love for the work he is appropriating. This guy’s drones are quality stuff.

Shoeb AhmadPiano Music
Originally released as a 3″ CD that appears to now be sold out, you can still listen to this very enjoyable bunch of experimental piano music through Last.FM, so I’ve linked to the release’s page at that site. Ahmad runs his piano through Max/MSP, yielding a mixed sound palette, sometimes stark and pretty sound fields to accompany his minimalist playing, and at other times, the piano is seemingly lost in milky resonant distortion. I’d like to see Markus Brösel move in this kind of direction.

Pulse Ringer Pieces

Saturday, 01 January 2009

I’ve just listened through Mystified‘s new 12″ vinyl release “Pulse Ringer Pieces”, and I’m really impressed with my friend Thomas Park’s inspiring and unique take on ambient music.

The music drifts along with undulating textures of sounds and tones, sometimes with jittery clattering machine rhythms, sometimes without… each song patiently presenting its set of buzzes, chimes, hisses and pings each one in its perfect place. Mystified really portrays a sense of place with these tracks, the sounds really get my imagination going.

I’m very envious and admiring of the way Thomas can put together strange noises and insistent rhythms and make the whole cohesive and ambient and beautiful.

The very promising new label Droehnhaus has put out this vinyl record, and I’ve got to hand it to them, they really picked a beautiful set of music, and they put it out with real style. The record was pressed on lovely transparent dark blue vinyl with an enigmatic blue-black cover art.

I very heartily recommend picking up a copy…
The world needs more strange, underground music on vinyl.
I know from having put out my own record just how much more special the music is on the format it deserves.
Droehnhaus carries the record for Europe, and if you’re in the U.S. you can get a copy direct from the band by emailing autocad13 (at ) hotmail (dot) com

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