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Review “Falling into Disrepair”

Saturday, 10 October 2010

The Disruptive Platypus blog has offered up a brief, but positive review of my recent collaboration with Desohll “Falling into Disrepair” out on the Dark Winter netlabel.

Read the review here

Disruptive Platypus podcast

Friday, 10 October 2010

Anyone looking for a really nice, diverse podcast of ambient music should check out this one by netlabel booster Disruptive Platypus. An extract from my collab with Desohll opens the setlist, and many other extremely talented folks appear on it… John Kannenburg! Phil Wilkerson! Meteer! Sheesh, I’m humbled to appear along such well regarded artists.


The podcast is really well done, with a handy, informative voiceover, and a setlist with links. Just like it’s supposed to be.

Falling into Disrepair

Monday, 09 September 2010

ARTIST: C. Reider / Desohll
TITLE: Falling Into Disrepair
LABEL: Dark Winter
KEYWORDS: Darkambient

Celebrate Autumn, celebrate entropy with this dark ambient epic…
“Falling Into Disrepair” by C. Reider / Desohll
A free download from the Dark Winter netlabel.

Three New Releases

Saturday, 09 September 2010

There are three new releases to announce!

Just out today is a dark ambient epic, C. Reider & Desohll team up for “Falling Into Disrepair” out on the Dark Winter netlabel… very slow dark guitar drones to celebrate entropy and Autumn.
Click the link for the free release:

Out this week on Earth Mantra netlabel is a new release by Fosel called “Problem of Universals (C. Reider Remixes)”. Kurt Nimmo has produced some disorienting & spacious remixes of my Electret Quintet tracks. I think they’re great.
Click the link for the free release:

Finally, a compilation from Intelligent Machinery by way of the Just Not Normal netlabel, “Of Places and Moments” features 18 different compositions made using sound sources from Sighup’s site recordings. Many different takes, one unifying concept. I have a track called “Core Exit”, named after a popular oil dispersant.
Click the link for the free release:

Hope you enjoy these.

New Vinyl Coming Soon!

Monday, 07 July 2009

Coming soon from the brilliant label Droehnhaus (warning: page opens with music)…

C. Reider / ULV – Split 7″ … DRH#6

ULV is another name for the multi-monikered man behind Desohll, Norss and countless other projects.

Desohll and C. Reider just recently collaborated on a beautiful limited edition CD of dark ambient drone, serving as a taster for this upcoming 7″ vinyl release.

Dates and prices aren’t set yet. I’ll let you know when things are getting closer!

Falling into Disrepair

Sunday, 05 May 2009

Desohll and I have collaborated on a longform dark ambient piece of music that we’ve titled Falling into Disrepair. For the recording, I recorded a long ambient guitar improvisation, and Patrick from Desohll manipulated that recording. The result is beautiful, deep, dark, mysterious…

The recording has been released on a black CDr in an edition of 66 on Drô6n Records (don’t ask me how to pronouce that!), which is distributed through Svartgalgh in the Netherlands.

I have a very small quantity in hand, and I would be happy to provide one to any interested party for a very low cost… comment here if you’re interested.

There is a very generous eleven minute preview of the 46 minute work on the Drô6n Records MySpace page.

This collaboration is a preview of an upcoming bit of really big news involving Desohll and I… 🙂

Beard Power

Saturday, 04 April 2009

Somone just commented on C. Reider’s Last.FM page saying:

Молодой Лев Толстой))

… which translates as “Young Leo Tolstoy))”…

… which is pretty much the best comment ever! :DE

In other news, I just listened to the new collaboration between myself and Desohll, and it’s pretty wonderful. Vaporous and spooky dark-ambient! It appears that its release is imminent on Drô6n Records.

This is a preview of something else way cooler involving Desohll and C. Reider yet to come!

Music recommendations

Sunday, 02 February 2009

A few quick nods to some things I’ve heard around the ‘net lately:

C.P. McDill – Introspection
This venerable underground artist has put out a lot of good work, this one is striking for its character. This Eno-esque ambient piece presents a continuously rolling tone cloud which constantly shifts between tension and release and often drifting into really serious dissonance. The choices of tones occasionally seems completely random, and at others it’s more composed. The piece seems to sit very uneasily with itself, and that makes listening to it a very curious and captivating experience… not something one can always say about an explicitly ambient work.

Zieltogend – Myst II
More deep, dark drones from the man behind Desohll and Norss. This particular piece remixes some works by Mystified. I really love this kind of thing, when one underground artist pays tribute to another by remixing, especially in this case where the artist clearly has a love for the work he is appropriating. This guy’s drones are quality stuff.

Shoeb AhmadPiano Music
Originally released as a 3″ CD that appears to now be sold out, you can still listen to this very enjoyable bunch of experimental piano music through Last.FM, so I’ve linked to the release’s page at that site. Ahmad runs his piano through Max/MSP, yielding a mixed sound palette, sometimes stark and pretty sound fields to accompany his minimalist playing, and at other times, the piano is seemingly lost in milky resonant distortion. I’d like to see Markus Brösel move in this kind of direction.

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