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Socialism is Evil

Saturday, 04 April 2010

Please listen to my new piece of music. I recorded it today!

It’s completely, intentionally derivative (of Steve Reich) but I’m still really happy with how it turned out, and with the emotional / political impact of it!

You know you want to listen to this, come on, the title alone should compel you!

Socialism is Evil by vuzhmusic

the Electret Quintet, part 5

Thursday, 12 December 2009

Electret Quintet 5 Released today!

I hope you’ll spend a little of what remains of this decade, and a lot of the new one with these sounds! My major project of the last two years is now complete and released, with the fifth and final part of the Electret Quintet seeing release on the last day of the Zeroes!

For these five sets of five recordings each, I used a single analogue drumcomputer for all of the sounds. Here’s a track using only the Roland TR-606 from Electret Quintet 4:
3/29 r TR-606 by vuzhmusic

…and here’s one using only the Roland’s TB-303 from the Electret Quintet 5, just released today!
December24x TB-303 by vuzhmusic

hm… wouldn’t that pair of tracks make a nice 12″?

Check out the newest one, or download the whole bunch, it’s all free!

C. Reider – the Electret Quintet

Electret Quintet 4

Sunday, 11 November 2009

The penultimate in this series of five free mp3 releases is out now. The Electret Quintet is an experimental series of recordings completed during the year 2008, using a single analogue drum machine to experiment with rhythmic and arhythmic sound fields, ending up with various shades of minimal-techno, industrial, noise and ambient.

As it stands, all of the releases are rather challenging in various respects, and each release has its own characteristic strengths and weaknesses… the first release was explosive and unfocussed, the second reeled back the excesses of the first and stands quiet and reflective, the third is my favorite, with quite well-developed tracks and a very difficult centerpiece…

Number four is quite strange, containing one of the more melodious tracks in the series, and then stretching out into several very long abstractions. It’s the longest release so far, at 45 minutes long.

I hope you like it!

Steam Inspector

Thursday, 09 September 2009

Just released this week!
“Steam Inspector” by C. Reider

A lot of the stuff I do is really weird, but this one is just completely out there

Steam Inspector is a long form sound-collage which centers on rhythmic elements, mechanical and otherwise. It’s the sound of machines malfunctioning as the steam inspector him/herself runs tests with peculiar electronic equipment. Listen and make up your own story about what this piece of music is about.

Released this week on the stupendous Just Not Normal netlabel!

New Vinyl Coming Soon!

Monday, 07 July 2009

Coming soon from the brilliant label Droehnhaus (warning: page opens with music)…

C. Reider / ULV – Split 7″ … DRH#6

ULV is another name for the multi-monikered man behind Desohll, Norss and countless other projects.

Desohll and C. Reider just recently collaborated on a beautiful limited edition CD of dark ambient drone, serving as a taster for this upcoming 7″ vinyl release.

Dates and prices aren’t set yet. I’ll let you know when things are getting closer!

PBK/C. Reider collab Now Available

Tuesday, 07 July 2009

Lumpy thinks those CDs look pretty cool.

I’ll be emailing Paypal requests to people who requested to be in line for one of these discs…
There are a handful of discs still available, if you want one, you had better act quickly.

These are hand-numbered in a limited edition of 120 in a slimline DVD case with full color inner and outer sleeve, not sealed.

European customers are directed to get their copies directly from the label Impulsy Stetoskopu (myspace link) …

Otherwise, please check out the page at Vuzh Music for PBK / C. Reider’s new collaboration Discorporate, which includes short sound samples of all tracks. Here’s that link: PBK / C. Reider – “Discorporate” at Vuzh Music

For more information:
Vuzh Music
Vuzh Music Blog

PBK and C. Reider

Monday, 06 June 2009

I am extremely pleased and proud to announce the release of the long-awaited collaboration between respected noiseambient composer PBK and C. Reider of Vuzh Music.

The release of this album is nearly ten years in the making, as sound sources have been exchanged over this long time between these two artists, finally culminating in a diverse and engaging set of industrial noise and ambient sound works, an incredible document of modern directions in abstract sound.

“Discorporate” (entry on Discogs) is now available on in an extremely limited edition of 120 from Impulsy Stetoskopu, (MySpace link which includes sound samples of the new release) an incredible Polish label who has released some outstanding noise from well-respected names in noise-music such as Hands To, Knurl, John Waterman, AMK and many others.

I will have copies available very soon for anyone interested to own this rare CD here in the USA… PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT or email if you’re interested and I will contact you when the album is available in the United States!

Electret Quintet 3 preview

Saturday, 05 May 2009

Looks like I didn’t make that personal deadline of getting “Electret Quintet 3” out in April! Ooops. It IS ready though, and it will come out very soon. I’m excited about it because it’s my favorite of the 5 part series… although I like the others also.

However, I did just upload the final track from “Electret Quintet 3” to my MySpace page:… you ought to find it right at the top of the player.

… and if you would like to check out the first two installments of the series, navigate over to the Electret Quintet page at Vuzh Music dot com, the same page where you’ll later find the third release available for free download.

Falling into Disrepair

Sunday, 05 May 2009

Desohll and I have collaborated on a longform dark ambient piece of music that we’ve titled Falling into Disrepair. For the recording, I recorded a long ambient guitar improvisation, and Patrick from Desohll manipulated that recording. The result is beautiful, deep, dark, mysterious…

The recording has been released on a black CDr in an edition of 66 on Drô6n Records (don’t ask me how to pronouce that!), which is distributed through Svartgalgh in the Netherlands.

I have a very small quantity in hand, and I would be happy to provide one to any interested party for a very low cost… comment here if you’re interested.

There is a very generous eleven minute preview of the 46 minute work on the Drô6n Records MySpace page.

This collaboration is a preview of an upcoming bit of really big news involving Desohll and I… 🙂

the Druser Pricid

Sunday, 03 March 2009

Onward with the archival releases:

I’ve put up an older ambient collaboration of mine as a free download on my netlabel Vuzh Music.

“The Druser Pricid” by C. Reider and Tarkatak was originally recorded in 2000.

The recording explores some quiet atmospherics with minimal melodic elements, then towards the end it drifts toward a subdued industrial noiseambient before drifting back into the calming atmospheres. It’s dark without being “dark”.

It’s one of my favorite releases from my twenty years of recording obscure music.

Take a chance on it:

C. Reider / Tarkatak – the Druser Pricid

Review snippets:
“If the C. Reider opus isn’t indicative of the perennial American experimental music D.I.Y. [anti-] aesthetic, perhaps nothing out there is.” — e/i magazine

“… for those who like their strangeness densely-packed!” — Ambientrance

“A highly rewarding and enjoyable listen for those with an ear for the darkly sublime.” — Godsend

“Both guys really know how to create a psychedelic atmosphere in sound, with dark soundscapes and hallucinating loops, analogue synths and processed guitar sounds. Like said, the music here is very much related to Troum, but has a particulary strong voice of its own.” — Vital Weekly

The release is also freely available on Last.FM:
“The Druser Pricid” on Last.FM

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