Electret Quintet 4

Sunday, 1 November 2009

The penultimate in this series of five free mp3 releases is out now. The Electret Quintet is an experimental series of recordings completed during the year 2008, using a single analogue drum machine to experiment with rhythmic and arhythmic sound fields, ending up with various shades of minimal-techno, industrial, noise and ambient.

As it stands, all of the releases are rather challenging in various respects, and each release has its own characteristic strengths and weaknesses… the first release was explosive and unfocussed, the second reeled back the excesses of the first and stands quiet and reflective, the third is my favorite, with quite well-developed tracks and a very difficult centerpiece…

Number four is quite strange, containing one of the more melodious tracks in the series, and then stretching out into several very long abstractions. It’s the longest release so far, at 45 minutes long.

I hope you like it!



  1. Hey! I downed a few of these– quite enjoyable. One of them sounds almost like a field recording of a tropical forest. Cool that it is drum sounds!

    Posted by Thomas | November 1, 2009 1:51 pm
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