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Compilation Appearances

Saturday, 08 August 2010

C. Reider has submitted a few tracks for some freely downloadable compilations:

Gone in 60 Seconds
— This is a collection of tracks, all of which are only one minute long. Brevity is good. I haven’t had a chance to play through all the tracks yet, but there are many good names, such as PBK, Pavonine, Big City Orchestra, ENE… I submitted a one minute long track by Drone Forest.

No-R-Mal II
— The follow up to the incredible compilation of a few years ago is longer and more incredible. This is SEVEN HOURS of underground goodness, right here. Burn this to an mp3 CDr and you’ve got enough underground goodness to last through an entire work-day. It could be argued that in the underground, there is a quantitative glut of musicians, but this compilation proves that while there is a high quantity, there is plenty of QUALITY out there too. I recommend this and its predecessor as perfect starters for the new fan of obscure music. I contributed an exclusive track called “Will Fall”. Many friends of mine, and artists that I respect populate this stellar comp.


Sunday, 09 September 2009

Zondagmorgen’s “La Fin du Monde” is a free netlabel release from Just Not Normal. It is perfect music for, indeed, a Sunday morning, especially a chilly Autumn Sunday morning.

Its stretched out repeating, shoegazer-inflected musical theme sets a melancholy tone offset by chilly blurred percussion noises that hint at a ‘groove’ but never quite get into one. Later there is further dissolution into a long, refrigerated drone, worthy of comparison to Drone Forest, if I do say so myself.

Good stuff!

Steam Inspector

Thursday, 09 September 2009

Just released this week!
“Steam Inspector” by C. Reider

A lot of the stuff I do is really weird, but this one is just completely out there

Steam Inspector is a long form sound-collage which centers on rhythmic elements, mechanical and otherwise. It’s the sound of machines malfunctioning as the steam inspector him/herself runs tests with peculiar electronic equipment. Listen and make up your own story about what this piece of music is about.

Released this week on the stupendous Just Not Normal netlabel!

“Steam Inspector” preview tonight

Saturday, 08 August 2009

The new C. Reider recording “Steam Inspector” will be previewed tonight (Saturday August 22) on ‘Not the Normal Shit’ radio.
Most of you will be sound asleep, since in the US, the show airs smackdab in the middle of the night, but just in case check here for show times:

Tune in early, because the preview will be in the pre-show (and so will not be part of the archived podcast, if you want to hear it, you have to hear it when it airs!)

You can tune in by going to the Stillstream web page, where they have a streaming player.

If you can’t tune in, the release is scheduled for release on September 7 on the Just Not Normal netlabel.


Friday, 08 August 2009

The milestone 4 CD-length compilation of music from netlabel underground artists put together by the Just Not Normal netlabel is now available for free download. It’s HUGE in every way. It promises to be an extremely useful introduction to a large amount of unknown artists.

I appear on CD#3 with an exclusive track called “Captcha upgrade stickyglands“, which samples from various captcha scripts found around the internet.

Also on CD#3 are a few friends and colleagues, such as Gurdonark and Mystified, who both appear on Long Defeat Variations

I encourage you to download No-R-Mal, the fiftieth release on the Just Not Normal netlabel.

Recommended Listening

Sunday, 07 July 2009

a.k.a. reviews.
Here’s some experimental sound stuff I’ve found around the internet that I enjoyed, and you can too.

Dexp Lab – Sectors LP … Retro-futurist ambiance that frequently veers into dissonant noise-ambient sound clusters and occasionally settles into a groove that hints at head nod territory. For me, the best music merely ‘hints’ rather than ‘says’. Like this a lot.
Free. 320 / VBR / OGG. Rus Zud netlabel.

Pavonine – Pavonine … Soft industrial drone work, reminiscent, to me, of the Hafler Trio’s quieter music, but more explicitly ‘ambient’. Very atmospheric and admirably restrained. “Rassamblement des choses qui portent malheur” has a subdued musical theme that is so understated and melancholy that it could be heartbreaking under the right circumstances. Completely lovely.
Free. 320 kbps mp3. Webbed Hand Records

Hannah M.G. Shapero (Altocumulus) – My Name is Marietta Cashman … consisting of recordings from the late 1960s of a teenage girl experimenting with the Buchla 100 modular synthesizer. From the descriptive text: “The sounds on this recording, unheard for 40 years, are a compilation of assorted electronic effects which were thrown together without much planning, rather as a storehouse than as a finished piece. They date from 1968 and 1969. The modern aesthetic of patchwork and accidental meaning, which was only at its beginning in 1968, has made this into “listenable” material.” I doubt I could make a better description than that, you will either like that or not. For me it’s pretty great.
Free. 320kbps mp3. Just Not Normal netlabel.

Not Normal That Shit 6

Sunday, 04 April 2009

A track from the Electret Quintet II appears on the Winter version of NNTS06… a collection of the ‘best of’ Not The Normal Shit Radio as selected by the show’s host Mark Stolk. The show is broadcast on Stillstream.

I’m grateful for the inclusion, my track sits alongside such talents as Celer, Die Minimalistin, AAGSF and others.

These comps are a great way to discover new artists.

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